041: Technology, social media, and protecting our kids

Today’s topic on the podcast is an incredibly important one: protecting our kids in this digital age with technology and social media. We’re SO fortunate to have these valuable tools for education and connection, but unfortunately, they can also be the gateway to some pretty disturbing things. It’s a hard topic to discuss, but I’m so thankful for any tools or resources I can have in my back pocket, and so very thankful that Bark exists. We chat a lot about this service in the show – it’s like a silent lil watchdog that looks for keywords that can signal bullying, suicidal thoughts, inappropriate content, etc.

You can sign up here, and if you use the code FITNESSISTA, you’ll get 20% off the app, from now on. If you have kids and they use any type of smartphone, texting, or social media, you need this app.

For today’s episode, my good friend Roo Ciambriello on the show. She’s a talented copyrighter, a mom of three, a well-known public speaker, an activist, and just a brilliant human. She’s hilarious, real, and insightful, and I’m always thrilled for any opportunity to chat with her.

We talk about:

Bark and all of the amazing services it provides

How to navigate technology and social media with your kids

What are some things parents can do to help protect their kiddos in this digital age? 

How we can ask our kids’ schools to start implementing Bark

Favorite mom hacks!

Involving the kids in our workout routines

and so.much.more.

Here’s a litte bit about Roo if you haven’t met her yet:
As the Creative Director for Bark, Roo leads a fleet of copywriters and designers dedicated to creating the company’s engaging brand. A mom to three girls, Roo’s goal is continually guiding Bark’s thoughtful messaging and compelling design to help more parents learn about its life-saving technology and navigate parenting in a digital age. Read more about her work with Bark here.

An award-winning copywriter with more than a decade of experience, Roo has spent her career creating brand voices for companies in the CPG/tech space, contributing to national publications, ghostwriting for figures of note, and leading thoughtful discussions around current, culture-centric topics like racism, human trafficking, poverty, and the refugee crisis.

Roo also speaks at various events (SXSW, BlogHer, CMC, Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit) and contributes to Adweek, providing commentary on the best and worst of modern advertising and branding. Roo enjoys hiking with her family, eating tapas, and preaching the gospel of fanny packs as both fashion and function.

Connect with Roo on Instagram here.
Resources from this episode:
Gretchen Rubin’s site

Sign up for Bark and use the code FITNESSISTA to get 20% off!

If you’re working out at home this summer or traveling, click here to get 21 days FREE of Les Mills On Demand. 

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