5 Ways To Take Back Control of Your Life After Addiction

One of the most difficult tasks after addiction is figuring out how to get your life back on track. We are wiping the slate clean and back to square one. A lot of us still feel lost, confused and hopeless with no direction. The fear of failure and uncertainty causes anxiety and depression. We become our worst enemy trying to navigate through a life we have never known before- one without drugs or alcohol. Here are 5 easy ways to take back control of your life after addiction.
Ways to take back control of your life after addiction 1. Stay Motivated
Staying motivated can be a daunting task. When life does not go our way, we tend to shut down, give up and resort back to our old ways as a solution. It is imperative to remember how hard you have fought to get where you are. Keep yourself motivated through the ups and downs. Remember what life was like before addiction. Think about how it was during addiction. Now, picture how much better life can get after addiction. Getting clean is half the battle, staying clean is the other half. Stay motivated by any means necessary and push through no matter what life throws at you. ‘
2. Build Support Network
Building a solid network of people who share the same values and goals can be vital to getting back on track. Most of us are incapable of overcoming addiction on our own. I advise against attempting to do so, as isolating ourselves can be dangerous to our mental health and sobriety. If you feel alone and do not know where to start, I suggest finding local AA/NA meetings. Stay connected to family and friends who are not toxic to you. You are the company you keep.
3. Stay Connected
As previously stated, isolating is dangerous behavior. Getting connected to positive people is a start. A huge way to

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overcome addiction is to stay connected to your support network. You need people you can trust and talk to when you are feeling down. Life likes to throw curveballs, it is important to have people stand by you who can bat them away!
4. Set Goals
Another way to take back control of your life after addiction is to to set goals for yourself, followed by a plan to achieve your goals. Goals can come in any form- financial, personal, physical, spiritual or emotional. Need a job? Put yourself out there and apply for any and every opportunity. Want financial security? Start a budget and manage your money more efficiently. Want to lose weight? Start a diet and exercise routine. Want to become more connected on a religious or spiritual level? Attend a church or other religious sanctuaries that appeal to you. You only get out what you put in. Set your goals and achieve them. It will be rewarding!
I saved the best for last. The most important way to take back control of your life is to…NEVER GIVE UP! NO MATTER WHAT! You have made it this far. Be grateful for what you do have rather than what you do not. Stay focused on what you do have. Life shows up. Life happens and that is okay. The moon teaches us that is okay to go through phases. The sun teaches us that no matter how many times we go down, keep rising!

There you have it—five easy ways to take back control of your life after addiction. Hang in there. You can do it.
About the Author
Kyle Swanson is a freelance writer recovering from drug addiction. He has found purpose in writing for websites such as Medically Assisted and sharing about his experiences. In his free time, he works with his local recovery community in hopes of guiding others to a life of sobriety.