Babylon Twins - Book Review

The Babylon Twins was written by M.F. Gibson. It is the first book in what will be a trilogy. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
About the book:
Meet Cloe and Elizabeth Yetti: antisocial, semi-homicidal eighteen-year-old twins casually surviving the AI apocalypse.

Ten years ago, a powerful machine intelligence unleashed a nanoengineered superdrug on humanity. Civilization is now a collection of mindless addicts confined to automated treatment centers that tower over drone-dominated cityscapes. Having escaped and grown up in the forests of Northern California alongside their younger brother and brilliant scientist/survivalist mother, Clo and El stayed safe while society collapsed around them.

But when a mysterious stranger and a demonic woodland creature appear and threaten their family, the twins are drawn back to a disintegrating, drug-addled San Francisco. There, biomechanical gods and monsters vie for control of what’s left of humanity’s consciousness. Armed with only a knife, an old hunting rifle, and their secret, cryptophasic twin language, Clo and El realize that surviving the apocalypse was just the beginning—now they’ve got to face it head-on.

The first book in the Babylon Twins trilogy, this epic adventure takes readers on a journey filled with sci-fi spectacle and darkly humorous twists and turns, not to mention some good old-fashioned butt-kicking.

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My review:
There are times I read a book and completely visualize the movie or series in my head. This happened for me with Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, The Discovery of Witches… and then of course with some books that haven’t made it to the screen (yet). The Babylon Twins is DEFINITELY one of these books. As I read I could see the visual of the story so clearly. This book needs to be a movie. I need to see Clo, El, and Dyre up on the big screen (or the Netflix screen).

The relationship between Clo and El was easy to love. But even more than their connection, and their “twinspeak” communicating… I loved their relationship with their little brother. It is so classically older/younger sibling. The fact that it was so easy to feel the “normal” sibling and family bonds… but then also ramped up by, ya know, an AI apocolypse, was SO perfectly done. I also enjoyed how through it all… the girls were still “teenagers” while also being bad-assed survivalist warriors. “Where are the cute boys?!?!?!”

My very least favorite part of Babylon Twins? This is the first book in the trilogy… and it’s just been published. It is killing me to wonder what is happening to Clo and El now. (Because in my mind they are real and I’m worried about them. What are they doing?!?!?!) I certainly hope Mr. Gibson is a quick writer. :) (And if he needs someone to sign up to do a pre-edit read through…. HI! *waving)
About the author:
M. F. Gibson is a writer and former actor, director, documentary filmmaker, producer, head of product at a tech start-up, and frozen-fish chopper at the marine mammal rescue center. He grew up in San Francisco and takes inspiration from his city and the changes it has undergone over the years. He still lives in his hometown, now with his Westie and two children.