Diary of the Week: Mr


Late Friday:  Don't hiss or boo...I'm not going political on you.  I was just chuckling to myself recalling an incident with  Josh today.   He loves to sit in my desk chair which will spin about and can be rolled to and fro.   He  was spinning about today and  told Bess, "I'm going to be President when I grow up."  "Well son, that's an admirable and lofty ambition, but really think about this...  It's a very hard job and  lots of people who will tell you what to do.  You won't get to order as many folks about as you might think."  Josh frowned for a moment and then he smiled, "I fink I'll do it...and this is the President's chair!"   We all smiled.  After all it's a wonderful world we live in and it's every child's idea at one time or another that they might be leader one day.  A little later Bess walked into the kitchen and said "Josh would you..."  "Uhm Mom?  You can call me, 'Mr. President'..."   I've no idea what Bess was going to ask him to do.  She just turned and walked back into the living room with a funny look on her face.

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