DIY Farmhouse Mirror – Bringing the Rustic Chic

In recent years, the way that “farmhouse chic” interior decor aesthetics has trended has been a beautiful thing to see. Besides being rather pleasing to the eye with all those natural materials and calming neutral hues, farmhouse inspired decor often involves a great deal of reclaimed and upcycled materials, which is very environmentally friendly. Additionally, many of the very best rustic looking or farmhouse chic home decor pieces we’ve ever seen have been entirely handmade. That’s why, when we overhauled a few rooms in our house and opted to make them even more naturally rustic looking than they already were, we decided not only that we were in need of a few beautiful new farmhouse style mirrors, but also that we wanted to make them ourselves.

We only had to search the Internet very briefly to find just the kinds of tutorials we’d been hoping for. In fact, we were relieved and impressed to see just how many different styles and options there were to choose from! If you’d like to think about making a farmhouse mirror of your very own as well, check out these 15 designs, ideas, and tutorials that we liked the best within our search.

1. DIY rustic mirror frame for under $20

Diy rustic mirror frame for under $20

Do you actually already have a rather large mirror that you’d love to keep because of its impressive dimensions but you can’t help thinking it would look much more complete and finished with some kind of border? Then we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to read about how Momma From Scratch made this fantastic DIY rustic mirror frame on a large horizontal mirror for under $20!

2. Dollar Tree DIY farmhouse mirror

Dollar tree diy farmhouse mirror

Of course, not every single farmhouse piece you ever make has to be made completely out of wood. If you’re still interested in making something farmhouse inspired but you’re not into the idea of woodworking or adding lots of heavy wooden finishes to your room, check out this mirror from Growing Up Gantt instead. They guide you through the process of making the mirror look like a classic farmhouse window in a way that involves a much lighter materiality.

3. Large DIY farmhouse style bathroom mirror

Large diy farmhouse style bathroom mirror

Just in case we really caught your attention when we started talking about very large farmhouse mirror frames and adding wood to a pre-existing mirror piece, but you’re the kind of person who likes to consult several sources before you start instead of just one, here’s a great guide for something similar by Cherished Bliss! They walk you step by step through their entire process of using wood to transform the border of their large bathroom mirror so it suits a more farmhouse atmosphere.

4. DIY farmhouse mirror with plant rack

Diy farmhouse mirror with plant rack

Perhaps you’re already decided on the idea of adding a wooden border around your bathroom mirror but you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a way to put a unique spin on the concept or add an extra bit of character? Well, if you’re also even half the plant lover that we are, then we think you’ll absolutely adore this tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic that teaches you how to make a farmhouse mirror that has a plant rack along the bottom for small potted plants.

5. DIY tray turned mirror

Diy tray turned mirror

Since we’re already celebrating an aesthetic that’s really big on upcycling, repurposing, and reclaiming, it only makes sense that we’d include some options that take this idea of reusing pieces of something and transforming them into something else to the next level, right? Well, that’s precisely what iHeart Organizing did with this vintage wooden tray turned mirror project and we’re in love with the very rounded and well-framed results.

6. DIY wood framed standing mirror

Diy wood framed standing mirror

Are you still feeling rather intrigued indeed by this idea of adding a DIY wooden frame to a mirror to make it suit your space a little better but what you really need is a full-body sized mirror rather than a large bathroom version? Then we’re pretty sure this next guide from The Wood Grain Cottage has precisely what you’re looking for! Their outline shows you precisely how to solidly frame a standing mirror with the standard dimensions, but in a way that’s really easy to adjust if yours is slightly different.

7. Reframed painted wood mirror

Reframed painted wood mirror

Just in case you’re loving this whole idea of using wood to reframe a mirror but you’re also not entirely convinced that you want to keep the wood natural, here’s a great alternative concept from Simply Beautiful By Angela! Besides giving you the whole framing guide to make the edges happen, they also give you advice and step by step photos of how they properly painted theirs for a white finish that’s very light and clean.

8. Minimal wooden stand floor mirror

Minimal wooden stand floor mirror

Even though you’re still going for a naturally wooden and farmhouse aesthetic overall, are you also the kind of person who always prefers minimalist details to just about anything else? Then maybe you’d prefer the way this mirror from The Merry Thought isn’t framed at all, looking very clean cut and streamlined instead! This tutorial also, however, shows you how they kept a very farmhouse element involved by creating wooden block stand pieces for the mirror to sit in, eliminating its need to be wall mounted.

9. Geometric fitted rounded wooden mirror

Geomatric fitted rounded wooden mirror

Did you really love the shape of the rounded mirror we showed you earlier but you’re just not sure that you’ll be able to get your hands on a circular tray for upcycling and framing? Well, if you’ve got at least a little bit of experience working with wood under your belt then perhaps you’d get along better with this slotted together wooden mirror frame instead! This full tutorial and guide from Build Basic shows you how to patchwork the frame around the mirror using pieces of geometrically cut wood.

10. Full length, thick frame wall mounted mirrors

Full length, thick frame wall mounted mirrors

Just in case you’re still on the hunt for a full-length mirror framing tutorial but you haven’t seen one that makes you feel fully prepared and convinced just yet, here’s another guide for your consideration! This time, Shanty 2 Chic teaches you how to create a wooden edge on long mirrors with a slightly raised ridge around the other edges, as well as metal corner bracketing at the corners for detail.

11. Rounded rope mirror

Rounded rope mirror

Are you still feeling enamoured with the idea of making a rounded mirror that suits a farmhouse aesthetic, but you’re just not feeling the need for heavy wooden frames and would prefer an alternative? Then we think you’ll get along much better indeed with this lighter, metal framed mirror that Crazy Wonderful shows you how to hang using carefully knotted rope and a doorknob.

12. DIY windowpane mirror

Diy windowpane mirror

Just in case you’re in love with the idea of a wooden framed mirror but you’d prefer a sleeker look rather than a rustic and weathered one, here’s an idea from The Chronicles of Home that will help you use your DIY skills to mimic the look of a classic farmhouse window! Despite how delicate the crossed pieces look, this project is outlined very well and actually quite easy.

13. Industrial hose clamp and chain mirrors

Industrial hose clamp and chain mirrors

Just in case you’re loving the idea of mirrors made with upcycled materials but you’re also looking to deviate from the heavy prevalence on wooden finishes within overall aesthetic without losing that farmhouse feel, here’s another rounded project that’s a little different! Take a look at Dwelling in Happiness to learn more about how they framed a small circular mirror using a metal hose ring and hung it by a chain.

14. Rounded wood slice mirror

Rounded wood slice mirror

If you’re in love with the wooden element and don’t want to lose that but you’re still looking for something that’s a little more visually unique, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this tutorial from The Owner Builder Network before we sign off our list. This guide shows you how to cut small branch and wood slice rounds, arrange them in a sort of circular mosaic pattern around your mirror, and affix them carefully into place for a finished aesthetic that’s natural but also beautifully intricate.

15. Charming wood mounted mirror

Charming wood mounted mirror

Are you of the opinion that white wood farmhouse pieces are the best ones within that aesthetic, since they look so classic? In that case, we think you’ll find that your patience in making it all the way to the end of our list has paid off! Check out how Shanty 2 Chic maps out their steps for creating this shaped white wood background, mounting the mirror on its surface, and hanging it on the wall with a wooden doorknob and chain.

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