Happy Weekend! After two straight weeks of being out of town, Bob (aka the #instahubs) heads home today! I’m so excited to have my playmate, BFF, and soulmate back under the same roof!

Fall has finally hit us here in North Texas! That means we’ve had highs in the 70s this week. Hahaha! But seriously, this weekend we’re expecting the 60s, so everybody will be breaking out their UGG boots and sweatshirts! (Including yours truly!)

Remodel Update

As I shared in this Instagram post, I will miss my warm yellow house that gave us such a cozy feeling. Unfortunately, it also gave everyone a pale, yellow, sickly skin tone in all of our family photos!

Last weekend, I told you that Bob and I spent hours right before he left town trying to decide between Benjamin Moore’s Sand Dollar and Alabaster? (My kids: “They are literally the same.”)

This week, the painters painted our Great Room (that includes the family room, kitchen, and breakfast room), and here’s what happened:

Whole room: Benjamin Moore Sand Dollar. Nope.
One wall: Benjamin Moore Alabaster. Nope.
Are we having fun yet? Nope.
Switching over to sample Sherwin Williams Cotton White and Sherwin Williams White Flour.
Are the painters about to kill me? Surprisingly nope. (Or they just hide it well.)
I’ll keep you posted.

I finally chose my master bathroom slab at Arizona Tile! It’s an Optic White Dolomite. We’re using 12×24 Oriental White Marble rectangle tiles for the floor and shower. (BTW, if you need stone or tile and you live in the Dallas/FT. Worth area, I highly recommend Arizona Tile! They were incredibly helpful, as well as knowledgeable about the stone.)

Battling the Instagram Algorithm—Again!

I’ve been getting DMs on Instagram from followers telling me that they’re either seeing my in-feed posts and not my Instastories, or my Instastories but not my feed posts! I am so sorry! A few weeks ago, Instagram changed up their algorithm, and things have been somewhat wonky ever since. Here’s what you can do about it.

Follow, Like, and Comment!

Instagram (and all other social media platforms) measure your engagement with various posts when they decide what to show you in your feed. Engagement is determined by four things: follows, views (with Stories). likes, and comments. If they don’t see engagement, they stop showing you posts from someone you’re following!

If you want to continue to see my posts, be sure to like, comment, or otherwise interact with my posts! Obviously, this holds true for any accounts you follow on social media, so show them some love if you want to keep seeing them!

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Turn on Instagram Notifications

If you want to be notified whenever someone you’re following posts a new Instagram photo, video, or Story, you can always turn on notifications! Here’s how to do it. (Again, I’ll use my account as an example, but you can do this with any account you follow.)

Search for @EmptyNestBlessed in the Instagram search bar at the top of the page.
Go to my profile page.
Tap Following, then tap Notifications.
Toggle the buttons to turn notifications on or off for Posts, Stories, and/or IGTV.

Email Issues

If you are subscribed to my newsletters, but you haven’t been seeing my emails in your inbox, they could be going to your SPAM folder! The way to fix this is to be sure to add suzy@emptynestblessed.com to your address book.

I send out an email newsletter every time I publish a new blog post—so two or three times a week. If you don’t subscribe, you might want to do that! I don’t want you to miss anything! Also, email subscribers will get early access to my holiday gift guide, which will be released in a few short weeks!

Need Some Inspiration?

This song has been playing on repeat at my house this week. I hope it blesses you!

Fun With Google

You know that song that’s stuck in your head? Well, now Google can help you figure out what it is! This week, Google unveiled a new feature, and it’s so much fun! Oh, and don’t worry! Apparently, the hum-to-search feature should work whether you’re tone-deaf or have perfect pitch.

Here’s how to use the new feature:

Open the Google app on your phone
Tap the microphone
On the next screen, tap “Search a Song”
Hum away!
Your search results will pop up!

This Week’s ENB Best-Sellers

I love knowing what you enjoy seeing and what inspires you! Basically, you’re loving camo! And I’m right there with you!

This puff-sleeve camo top. It’s 40% off right now.
This drape front knit camo blazer.
This cheetah watch band from my Apple Watch Bands post continues to be really popular, as well as this multi-colored cheetah print band.
You guys went crazy on Amazon Prime Day, and I’m so glad! I hope my Amazon Prime Day post helped you score some deals! One of the best sellers? These fleece cross band slippers. (I own them too!)
These chain link mules continue to be best-sellers! They’re the ones I’m wearing in the photo at the top of this post! I am not kidding you when I tell you that they are my favorite footwear purchase of the year so far! Best of all, they were my introduction to the Kell Parker brand. They have so many cute things!

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Instagram This Week

Do y’all like taking a second look at my Instagram looks of the week? As I hope you always know, I care about a lot more than fashion, but I do feel like part of my job is to share fashion inspiration with you! (Speaking of posts outside of fashion, I hope you checked out our important post about women’s safety this week! I’m not even kidding when I say that the tips in it could literally save your life one day.)

That said, many of you have told me how much you appreciate it when I share style tips and looks with you, and I’m so glad. My looks on Instagram are always shoppable on my page in the LiketoKnow.it app, but you can also find them on the Shop my Instagram & Facebook Posts page under the SHOP tab here on Empty Nest Blessed.

You can always assume that clothes run TTS (true to size) unless I specify otherwise. Click on any pink text link or one of the small images for more information or to shop.

Long Sleeve Confetti Striped Tee | Similar Pink Shorts | LV Multi-Colored Monogram Belt (pre-owned)| White Sneakers | Beaded Palm Earrings | Initial Necklace

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I think this fun Long Sleeve Confetti Striped Tee is like a party on a tee shirt! I’ll wear it all winter with black or blue jeans and a long, oversized cardi on top (THIS one is just $25 and comes in a bunch of colors.)

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Camo Puff Sleeve Pullover (25% off this weekend!)| Black 9″ Shorts (Rolled Up) | Black Sneakers | Sunglasses | CZ Stud Earrings | Initial Necklace

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As I told you in my 2020 Fall Fashion Trends post, even though camo has been around for a while, it’s super hot this year! This cute puff sleeve top incorporates the puffy sleeve trend as well. It’s 25% off this weekend! Even though it’s made of true sweatshirt material, the short sleeves make it perfect for layering on those days where it starts off cool and ends up warm! Pair it with high-rise jeans, pants, or shorts.

Pink Gingham Sweatshirt (Just restocked!) | White Ankle Jeans | Similar Pink Sneakers | Customized Kendra Scott Earrings | Pink Gingham Mask

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My darling pink gingham sweatshirt is finally back in stock! I also own it in navy gingham and yellow gingham! I think gingham is such a fresh, clean look, and I love that this traditional summer print is now available in a sweatshirt! I do want to let you know that it’s what I would call an “elevated” sweatshirt. (I talked about “elevated” loungewear as a current trend in THIS post.)

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The pink gingham mask I’m wearing in this photo is beautifully made. It’s part of a two-piece set. The other mask in the set is embroidered! What’s more, these masks are made at cost! Yep! I bought one of the $12 sets for my 85-year-old mom and my 23-year-old daughter, as well as myself. We all love it!

Waffle Knit ¾-Sleeve Puff Sleeve Peplum Top (8 colors/patterns)| Similar Jeans | Chain Link Mules | Gucci Camera Bag (Pre-owned HERE)| Tory Burch Logo Station Necklace | Tory Burch Logo Earrings

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Tie Dye Pullover Set RUNS LARGE (Set comes with matching joggers.) | Long Sleeve Tee Underneath | Similar Jeans |Similar Pink Sneakers (left photo) |Black & Blush Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe (right photo)

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I shared the story of this mirror selfie in an Instagram post this week! When we made the decision to remodel our home, a big part of that included making over our former dining room into the new international headquarters of Empty Nest Blessed! (Formerly a 3’9” x 6’6” closet under our stairs.) On my dream wish list? A professionally lit mirror to use for selfies!

My contractor heard me loud and clear, and actually got excited about it! It was the first thing he worked on with the electrician! So, yes. The walls are still yellow, my drapes are still up, the rug is still down, and my dining room décor is still on the wall behind me, but it’s a pretty exciting start!

Vegan Leather Puff Sleeve Top | Tiffany Heart Chain Link Necklace (pre-owned)| Tiffany Heart Chain Link Bracelet (pre-owned)

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Vegan leather (aka faux leather or PU leather) is such a hot trend right now! This semi-fitted vegan leather puff sleeve top looks cute on it’s own, tucked in, or with a blazer, cardi or denim jacket on top.

Denim Shift Dress (Almost sold out, nearly identical HERE) | Chain Link Mules | Coin Pendant Chain Link Necklace | Tory Burch Logo Stud Earrings

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Animal Print Tee | Black Scallop ¾-sleeve Cardigan (Less-expensive option HERE) | Black Ankle Pants | Black Leather Belt | Chain Link Mules | Tory Burch Logo Stud Earrings

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As you can see from this post, I’ve been wearing these awesome Chain Link Mules on repeat! The quality is good and they are so comfortable. My interior designer bought a pair for herself after we traipsed around town looking at slabs for my bathroom. She couldn’t believe my feet held up so well and looked so cute! (Also, she said she mistook them for Gucci, so there was that!)

Sequin Fry-Yay Sweatshirt | Black Stretchy Jeans | Similar Red Sneakers | Red Stud Earrings

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Coming up next week on ENB, I’m going to share an update about how much I’m loving the Hair Biology line I’ve been using for the past several months. It’s haircare designed specifically for women over 45, and I just love that. I’m also bringing you October’s SO in the KNOW post, where I share what I’m learning & loving in the empty nest.

Also on deck, I’m going to spill the beans on the awesome, pandemic-perfect DIY manicure system that I’ve been using for months! It is truly unique and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a great weekend! We’ll be trying to decide on paint!


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