How to Find the Best-Fitting Pants for Older Women

Pants for Older Women

What is the hardest article of clothing to shop for as an older woman? PANTS!

Oh my, how we ladies struggle finding a great fitting pair of pants. Most women give up right there in the store and they settle! Well no more settling. One thing we ladies over 60 know how to do is say NO!

So here is the pant shopping protocol.

First, interview the pants and then get naked!Got your attention?

Good now listen carefully! If you were going on a date with hopefully a well-dressed gent, what would be the requirements you might have for your prospect?

Lets pick four things. Hes wearing a belt. He has change in his pockets. His pants arent dragging on the floor. His butt isnt sagging in his cotton khakis.

Oh my, you are particular arent you? If only you were that particular when it came to the choices that actually affect your pants!

Lets visualize the process of hunting, gathering, finding a dressing room and then getting naked in the hopes of exiting said dressing room looking like Kate Blanchett in a perfect fitting, traffic stopping pair of pants!

Guess what your chances of that happening if you have skipped the all-important interview process are nil, none and zip! Plus didnt your mother ever warn you about getting naked on the first date? So whats the point?

Let me help you with some gathering pointers I call it the 4-point checklist.

#1: Stop Buying Pants with Belts

When was the last time you wore a belt? Ten years ago? Then why are you still buying pants with belts? Putthosepants back on the rack!

#2: Say No to Side Pockets

Do you have a little extra in the hips? Then why are you still buying pants with side pockets? Note to self there are no more phone booths so no need for jingling change in your pockets, which translates to no need for pockets. Putthosepants back on the rack!

#3: Lose the Loose Fabric

Do you find you have a baggy butt in your pants? Then why are you buying pants with bottoms that are 12 inches wide? Do the math 12 inches, times two sides, equals 24 inches of fabric that actually starts at the hip! No wonder you have a baggy butt!

Look for pants that have an 8 to 10 inch bottom, no wider unless you are going for the 70s look. Putthosepants back on the rack!

#4: Kick Out the Khakis

Did I mention khakis? Geez lades leave those stiff cotton pants for the guys! They can stand on their own you dont even have to be wearing them! You need to be wearing your clothing as opposed to your clothing wearing you!

Look for luxury fabrics like ponte knits, all season tropical wools and blended fabrics that include a bit of Lycra for forgiving anything but stiff cotton khakis that look like you are wearing your canvas boat bag. Putthosepants back on the rack!

The long and short of it is shopping can be challenging! Dont make it worse by hunting and gathering for the wrong thing and then dropping your drawers resulting in a huge frustrating waste of time! Plus, now you are naked in the dressing room with not a salesperson in sight. Can you spell waste of time?

Heres another pointer shop online before you ever start the car! Take your measurements, match them up with the store fits before you even step foot in the store.

Most stores now carry several different styles to accommodate womens fabulous figures including petite, plus, long, high rise, low rise, slim, curvy and extra curvy. You can pre-shop online and then either buy there or call ahead to the store to make sure they have inventory.

What have you found the best pants for women our age? What other questions would you like me to address in a future article? Please join the conversation.