Huami Amazfit HomeStudio: Start your immersive fitness at home in 2020

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CES 2020 has come and gone and Huami has stepped up the fitness game this year. Huami, in partnership with STUDIO, announced the new Amazfit HomeStudio which brings together a high-end slat treadmill and an HD smart screen called Smart Gym Hub. The two devices work together to provide a wide range of activities with smart connected training available on the screen. You can compete against your friends and family to keep everyone on top of their resolutions.

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Everything else in your home is already smart, so why not have smart fitness that helps you stay healthy and active? The Amazfit HomeStudio is built to offer a vision of the future of fitness with connectivity, technology, and the way AI will impact your workout. Huami CEO Wang Huang said, at the end of 2019, Huami defined a new mission: Connect Health with Technology, and the new Amazfit is just the start of a new decade of technology.

When a treadmill is more than a treadmill

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The Amazfit HomeStudio isnt simply a treadmill that will turn into a clothes rack in your basement after a few months. The belt is comprised of 55 rubber-coated aluminum slats that provide a careful balance of comfort and support. The usable running area is over 50 inches by 20 inches, so you dont have to feel like one wrong step will send you tumbling.


  • Immersive fitness design and user interactions
  • Smart Gym Hub: 43-inch 1080p HD smart screen + 3D ToF camera for computer vision
  • Three premium 20W JBL speakers (two on the treadmill, one on Smart Gym Hub)
  • 12mph slat-belt technology
  • 53.1 x 20-inch running surface
  • 10-level powered incline reaching 7 degrees, 13% grade

The Amazfit HomeStudio also features a top speed of 20kph so you can train at any speed. If youre working on hill training, you can also set the HomeStudio to an incline of up to seven degrees. Finding the perfect running form takes time but Smart Gym Hub can help you with that too. The 3D time-of-flight camera helps to analyze your movements and determine what you can do to be more efficient.

The HomeStudio does more than let you run in a straight line too. The side rails are strong enough to work as handrails while you run but also serve as a bodyweight training barre. After all, theres more to a good workout than just running a mile or two. Its also designed to be minimalist and blend in perfectly in any house.

Never a boring workout

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One of the greatest challenges with working out on a treadmill is the lack of scenery. There are no trees and no turns, but thats where Smart Gym Hub comes in. Smart Gym Hub is an immersive 43-inch LCD screen powered by STUDIO that connects you to thousands of yoga, stretching, sculpting, and treadmill classes.

New content is added every day and Smart Gym Hub keeps track of your heart rate, distance, and other important statistics. You can even use Smart Gym Hub independently of your Amazfit treadmill for your recovery days in between runs. Huamis Amazfit HomeStudio pretty much eliminates your excuses when it comes to a New Years resolution.

The future of fitness

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Going to a new gym can be intimidating, but the ability to compare yourself against other people can be a great way to stay motivated. The Amazfit keeps the edge of competition without the intimidation of other people. You can compete against other users worldwide and see your ranking rise and fall in real-time. The closer you are to your maximum heart rate percentage, the higher and faster youll climb.

You wont even need to worry about charging your headphones before you work out. The Amazfit HomeStudio features three built-in 20W JBL speakers for immersive, dynamic sound to keep you in the zone. You can also link the Amazfit to your other Huami smart devices like your watch or your earbuds to track your workout with even better data. Working out safer and smarter is just as important to your health as working out harder.