I wish that this roundup would have included travel outfits, date night looks, and fun reasons to wear cute clothes, but since we couldn’t go anywhere, these are work from home outfits

If you didn’t see my work from home essentials post then hop over to read that too. In that post, I explained my thoughts toward wanting to look pulled together everyday, even (actually, especially) when I’m staying home like the rest of the world. It’s really helpful to feel a bit more normal and to stay productive when I get dressed rather than staying in PJs or leggings every day.

That’s not to say that I don’t wear slippers with my work clothes, but I always try to wear something that makes me feel polished. I also ALWAYS do my makeup. (You can see my favorite lipsticks here – yes, I wear lipstick even if I don’t see anyone except people on Zoom!) I have been letting my hair rest from all the hot tools that I usually use, so I’m not curling my hair everyday.

The weather in Winston-Salem has been so weird, 80 and sunny one day and then 50, rainy and windy the next. I haven’t quite put my sweaters away but I’ve definitely pulled out my shorts. I’m wearing lots of color these days and that’s making me smile. If you’re looking for colorful pieces, try Tuckernuck. They have so many cute options right now!
April Outfit Roundup
Okay, here’s what I’ve been wearing lately!
Work from Home outfits
This Topshop dress came in my last TrunkClub box and I LOVE it! It’s the perfect length for spring, and you can also wear it without a belt. I like it cinched at the waist, so I threw on my favorite Madewell belt. I’m so glad I got this belt when I did. I wear it all the time and it matches pretty much everything I have. I love the leather too because it just gets better with age. These heels are Madewell too, but they’re from last season and sadly sold out. I linked a similar Madewell pair that’s from this year and I think they’re just as cute.

Dress | Shoes | Belt

I’ve had this striped jumpsuit for a few years now, and every time I wear it I get compliments on it. It’s lightweight, easy to dress up or down, and really comfortable. I got it at Nordstrom Rack and I can’t find this same jumpsuit online, but I did find a few copycats. These sandals are so comfortable too! (You can see more of my spring/summer sandal picks in this post!)

Similar jumpsuit here and here | Shoes

This striped tank is one of my summer favorites. It’s especially cute with this denim jacket and J.Crew shorts when the mornings are still a bit cool!

Jacket | Top | Shorts | Shoes

Same shorts, different day! I’m telling you, I live in these shorts. I love wearing colorful bottoms with simple tops. I’ve had this tie-front shirt for years, but I linked a cute one that’s available now. And don’t get me started on Birkenstocks. I.LIVE.IN.THEM.

Top | Shorts | Shoes

Another J.Crew staple that I have in almost every color is this tank top. It isn’t tight, but it fits well. And of course, I’m wearing J.Crew shorts as well. And of course x2, I’m wearing Birkenstocks.

Top | Shorts | Shoes

More stripes for me! This V-Neck is from Madewell, I’ve had it for years and they still sell it! These jeans are another staple I’ve had for years, but I found a similar pair. And in true work-from-home fashion, I’m in my favorite slippers.

Top | Jeans | Slippers

Another great work-from-home outfit. I’m wearing a J.Crew V-neck with a new pair of jeans that I got this month and LOVE. They are so comfortable and currently 40% off! And of course my slippers. This outfit is a great starting place if you want to dress it up a little more with jewelry like statement earrings or a cute pair of sandals.

Top | Jeans (on sale!) | Slippers

I got this wrap jacket in my Trunk Club box and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worn it! It was one of those things that I saw and thought I wouldn’t wear but now I grab it all the time. I’m also obsessed with his cheetah print V-neck tee I love these cozy jeans, and of course, you’ve seen these loafers a million times now, and I obviously love them.

Jacket | Top | Jeans | Loafers

This dress is an all-time favorite. It comes in lots of other colors and looks so good with a a denim jacket. (I also own the gray one.) And I love that it’s tight enough to be flattering but definitely not TOO tight. I am wearing it with my flats for staying home, but it’s also cute with heels! I have an XS for a snug fit, but size up for a looser fit.

Dress | Shoes

I told you about this top earlier in this post, but I could rave about it for a long time. I wore a similar long sleeved cheetah print shirt alllll winter so when I found this I thought “perfect, my summer version”! I’ve already worn this many times and I love it. It’s light and goes with everything. These shorts are great, too. And shoes, you guessed it, are Birkenstocks.

Top | Shorts | Shoes

Work and play from home –– I love being cozy. This is a great outfit if you’re sick of being in pajamas all day but just can’t do real clothes. The tank and leggings are from Lululemon.

Cardigan | Top | Leggings | Slippers

As I said earlier, this top is my new favorite! I love it with everything in my closet, so you’ll see me wearing it with almost everything in my closet, haha! These jeans are a bright spot in my day too and help me stay cheery. Now that I’ve had these loafers for so long, they’re starting to feel like slippers to me.

Top | Jeans | Loafers

This is the same outfit as above, but with the denim jacket since my office gets a bit cold right over the AC vent. If you don’t have a good denim jacket, it’s a GREAT investment. I wear mine all spring, summer, and fall. This one is lightweight and so soft!

Top | Jeans | Loafers | Jacket

More stripes, of course! I love this mustard color. I love these jeans too – they are so comfortable and stretchy. (They’re my favorite picks in my 5 pants that aren’t skinny jeans post!) And these platform wedge sandals are SO comfortable!!
Top | Jeans | Sandals

This was taken on Marathon Monday, which is where I would have been if life looked much different. I wore this shirt with so much pride just thinking about how grateful I am that I got to run in the Boston Marathon twice. These white jeans are the only ones I’ve ever liked, and of course I have my slippers on. (You can see all the brands of white jeans I tried before landing on these in this post.)

Top | Jeans | Slippers
Workout outfits
This purple top is a long-time favorite from Oiselle. These are the leggings I live in because they are so cozy. They’re great for cross training and I’ve loved them for my Peloton. These sneakers are AllBirds and they’re SO cozy. They aren’t great for working out but they are great everyday shoes, especially since I take lots of walks during the day lately!

Tank | Leggings | Shoes

This is another Oiselle shirt that I’ve had for so long that there’s nothing exactly it anymore. These shorts, though, are available and they’re so fun! I am also wearing these red Nikes a lot lately! (See my current rotation of running shoes here.) If you haven’t heard me talk about these Goodr sunglasses, know that they are the best running sunglasses ever. They don’t slip no matter how sweaty I am, they come in really fun colors and they’re only $25!!!

Shorts | Shoes | Glasses

This pink hat just makes me smile. I always wear sunscreen when I run, but a hat really helps prevent sun exposure too. This top is a cozy for those mornings when I’m not sure if I’ll be cold or hot, and these shorts are amazing for running AND riding the Peloton. But best of all –– these shoes are SO great. They are brand new and I’ve done two runs in them and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. (I bought my usual running shoe size. If you want more info on how to pick the right shoe for you, make sure you’re on the waitlist for my running course! There’s an entire lesson on running shoes!)

Hat | Top | Shorts | Shoes

Here’s a closer photo of the hat!


This was a walking outfit for a day that I took off from running. I love this Patagonia jacket and it’s on SALE! These leggings are my go-to and I love them for all workouts. These shoes are oldies but goodies.

Jacket | Leggings | Shoes

Hope you’re staying sane, cozy and cute working from home!
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