Modern South African Residences in perfect sync with their surroundings

South Africa is known for a lot of things among which is its dynamic and eclectic architecture. With Cape Town being a World Design Capital, you can expect to see here a variety of amazing structures with contemporary designs as well as many other styles and a whole range of inspiring features and details. We’re going to have a closer look at some amazing South African residences right now so why don’t you join us?

Located in Cape Town’s Constantia Valley, this residence was designed and built by studios SAOTA and ARRCC, with the initial planning done by Vivid Architects. It manages to establish a strong and organic relationship with the surroundings and nature in general and it’s very warm and welcoming despite its rather dramatic-looking facade. with large volumes, big openings and a select palette of materials and finishes, this house manages to stay sophisticated while also achieving perfect harmony with its surroundings.

This gorgeous apartment in Cape Town was designed by studio OKHA and enjoys a privileged location in a complex built by SAOTA with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the distance. The apartment serves as a summer retreat and has a very spacious terrace which takes full advantage of the panoramic views.

Another luxury apartment was designed by studio ARRCC and it too is located in Cape Town, in an area with a sweeping view over the Atlantic Ocean. As expected, it takes full advantages of its location and the panoramic views by ensuring a seamless connection between its indoor and outdoor spaces. The living area seamlessly transitions into an open terrace while the rest of the spaces rely on large windows to communicate with the exterior.

Here’s yet another beautiful contemporary residence from Cape Town. It was designed by SAOTA and it makes the most of its location which is somewhere between the mountains and the ocean. It wasn’t built from scratch but rather used elements from a previously existing structure which was almost completely remodeled. The entire upper level was demolished and two new floors were built in its place. The inspiration for the new design came from the wonderful landscape which surrounds the site.

This modern Cape Town residence has something not many homes do: its own cinema. This comes in addition to all the other wonderful features that studio ARRCC made sure to include in their design. The house has a very vibrant and welcoming interior, a result of the select palette of materials, finishes and colors used throughout the spaces. Other cool features include an outdoor kitchen and dining area with a pizza oven and a cozy fireplace.

Even though the corner site on which it was built is not exactly ideal, this beautiful South African family residence somehow manages to turn any challenge into an advantage. As a result, it gets to capture some pretty amazing views which become part of its interior design and decor. This was a project completed by SAOTA and you can really tell that the architects were very creative. They elevated the main floor and had the ground floor partially set into the ground and concealed by vegetation.

Designed to serve as a holiday retreat, this residence is located in St. Helena Bay, South Africa and was designed and built by studios SAOTA, OKHA and Antoni Associates. It enjoys a strong connection with its immediate surroundings and it puts great emphasis on the panoramic views which can be enjoyed from all parts of the house. The entrance is situated on the upper floor which is where the social areas are also located, with the private functions being placed below.