Monday Mens Sales Tripod $150 USA Made Dress Shoes, Suitsupplys Spring Arrivals, & more

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that cant wait til the weekend? Youll find three of the best, with a fewpicks from each, to start the week below.

#1. Allen Edmonds: Factory 2nds Flash Sale (restocking fee = $25)

Allen Edmonds

Last day for this and worth another mention, being that this was a late addition to last weeks Sales Handful. $150 for either the Carlyle or the Cornwallis is pretty unheard of. Of course theres a risk, since theres always that steep $25 restocking fee on factory 2nds returns but Cornwallis or Carlyle for $149? Thats pretty unheard of. Again though.You just dont know what the imperfection is until they show up.

#2. H&M: 25% off ONE item (no code needed)

H and M

In case youre new to these parts, theres not usually a lot of coverage of H&M here on this website. The vast majority of their stuff can be a letdown. BUT their premium quality line can hold some hidden gems. Still dont be shocked if something shows up and it fits or drapes wonky, or the fabric feels weird, or whatever. H&M is fast fashion. So premium is a relative term here.

#3. Suitsupply: A bunch of new spring arrivals just dropped


No sale/discounts because thats not how Suitsupply plays (they only do two final-sale online outlets per year: one mid summer, one after the holidays), but still worth a mention since I think this is the biggest set of new arrivals theyve unveiled yet? Lots of warm weather fabric, Havana cut sportcoats. Plenty of new shoes too. Jackets are half-canvas construction and the dress shoes are blake stitched. And since its Suitsupply, everything ships and returns for free.

BONUS Guideboat: Extra 25% off sale items w/ EXTRA25


The long slow march to the grave(?) for Guideboat continues. This stuff is a risk fellas. They seem to maybe have a skeleton crew on hand, and customer service has been all but non existent. So use a method of payment thats easy to reverse charges on, in case your stuff never gets shipped. Caveat Emptor and all that.

BONUS II Nordstrom Rack: They Still have Polarized Ray-Bans for $80


Now that the sun is starting to come back out in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, heres a reminder that Nordstrom Rack STILL carries Poarlized Ray Ban Wayfarers for $80. In all fairness to the H&M option, the Ray Bans truly are some premium, timeless sunglasses.

Also worth a mention