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People working in an office all day may not feel like they get enough exercise, which is why an under-desk walking treadmill can be a game-changer. Rather than take microbreaks and move your arms and legs a few times, you can engage in a fast and easy workout. 

An under-desk walking treadmill fits neatly under your desk with no rails. It’s lightweight, portable, and often foldable. They are far smaller than your average treadmill and are designed for quick walks, rather than having to leave your office when you don’t have time. 

If you’re ready to buy such a product, then read on. Here are some of the best under-desk walking treadmills for sale, as well as considerations for how to buy the one that suits you.
1. WalkingPad Foldable Under Desk Walking Treadmill
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A standard treadmill can often take up a lot of room, but this under-desk walking treadmill from WalkingPad is as compact and discrete as they come. Its folding design makes it perfect for small spaces, and it allows you to get in much-needed walking time even when you lack time.

It also has a generous 3.72-mile-per-hour range, not to mention a weight capacity of 220 pounds. People like that they can control the speed of this under-desk walking treadmill, as well as the LED-lit dash to monitor what you’re doing and how well you’re doing. The icing on the cake is the WalkingPad app, which offers plenty of data to show improvement over time. 
Product Features 3.72-mile/hour range Foldable design Two operation modes Footstep induction speed control Anti-slip walking belt 220-pound weight limit  LED-lit dash WalkingPad app Pros Its folding design takes up minimal space It’s quiet to operate You can control the speed The belt handles wear and tear Generous weight capacity Plenty of safety features Ideal for under your desk Cons Centering the belt is complicated The app is challenging to use 2. Gymax Under-Desk Walk Treadmill
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The price tag of this under-desk walking treadmill might be quite high compared to some other treadmills, but can you really put a price on convenience? 

From the four-mile speed to the generous 220-pound weight capacity, this treadmill means business. It has an LED screen, touch controls, and a remote control for making changes. People also like that it comes with silicone oil, but requires minimal care. You can walk to your heart’s content. 

The belt is non-slip, and it comes with 12 different programs to change things up. This discrete and high-quality under-desk walking treadmill is all about adding more movement to your day in the most convenient way possible. 
Product Features LED screen Touch controls Remote controller Three preset modes 12 programs Four-mile/hour range  55.5 pounds 220-pound weight limit  Non-slip belt Pros You can jog on it It has many ways to control it You can choose different programs It holds a lot of weight Discrete to fit under your desk Requires minimal care Cons It’s quite expensive 3. JKRED USA Warehouse Electric Motorized Under Desk Walking Treadmill
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Don’t be put off by the size of this under-desk walking treadmill, for even though it’s larger than some others, it packs a punch with its many desirable features.

It can handle users up to 22 pounds and comes with 12 programs and a four-mile/hour range. That’s more than enough versatility to keep you active. Users can also make use of the LED screen, touch controls, and wireless remote control to stay on the right path. 

The rubber feet help with vibrations and noise, and its portable design means you can move it from one area to the next. The next time you want a fast and easy workout, check out this under-desk walking treadmill from JKRED USA Warehouse. 
Product Features 220-pound weight limit LED screen Four-mile/hour range  12 programs  Touch controls Wireless remote control  Rubber feet Pros It doesn’t take up much space It has many ways to operate it  The feet make it quieter to operate Plenty of program options The screen allows you to track your speed, time, distance, and calories  Affordable to buy Cons Takes up more space than other treadmills 4. Bkisy Smart Folding Under Desk Treadmill
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With plenty of customization options and a robust design, this under-desk walking treadmill from Bkisy meets the mark for anyone looking to squeeze in some exercise when they don’t often have time. It takes up minimal space, is ideal for home or work, and is available in three models. 

The two-in-one design with the control panel is a nice touch, while the wide tread promotes a beneficial workout. The 2hp also ensures that this under-desk walking treadmill has plenty of power, too. 

Unlike other under-desk walking treadmills for sale, this model comes with a Bluetooth speaker. It also has a remote control and assembly-free design. The handrail can make it a little bit bulky, but it’s a small price to pay for a wonderful workout option.  
Product Features Three models Two-in-one design Folding design Wide tread belt  2hp motor Bluetooth speaker YPOO treadmill app Customized training plans Remote control included Assembly-free design Pros You can use it right away It comes with an app  You can monitor your results  You can choose a model to suit  Has a handrail  Powerful motor Quiet to operate Cons The handrail makes it bulky 5. Funmily Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Speaker
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Anyone who is in the market for a new under-desk walking treadmill won’t be able to help but check out this model from Funmily. As a folding treadmill, it’s designed to take up minimal space while promoting maximum workout.

It has a two-in-one design, comes with a handrail, and even allows you to make use of Bluetooth speakers thanks to its connectivity. People also enjoy the power from the 2.25hp motor, not to mention the phone holder and LCD screen. 

While the belt can slip around and requires adjustment, it does promote a non-slip workout. As a result, there’s every reason to believe this under-desk walking treadmill could be right for you. 
Product Features Two-in-one design 2.2hp motor Bluetooth speakers Folding design Handrail included LCD screen Phone holder Safety key Pros The belt is non-slip It comes with a speaker for music You can fold it up Takes up minimal space Quiet to operate Generous speed options It has a handrail Cons The belt can move around a lot 6. iMovR ThermoTread Desk Walking Treadmill
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While the promised software of this under-desk walking treadmill is lacking, that doesn’t mean the entire treadmill is lacking. In fact, many people swear by it for fast, convenient, and easy workouts in the comfort of their home or office.

It’s compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. It also comes with an LCD console to monitor your progress as you use it. The 3hp motor is powerful and robust, while the two-ply fabric belt offers peace of mind that this treadmill is made to last. If that’s not confidence enough, then the three-year warranty included will be. This quiet, well-made under-desk walking treadmill means business.
Product Features LCD console 2-ply fabric belt 3hp motor  Three-year warranty Software included Pros It measures your steps, calories, and more Generous warranty period It comes with software It’s quiet to operate Takes up minimal space Ideal for home or business use Cons The software isn’t being updated as claimed 7. Ete Etmate Portable Under-Desk Treadmill
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Don’t spend the earth on an under-desk walking treadmill when you don’t have to. Instead, pay less but still get one that ticks all the boxes. This folding treadmill weighs a mere 42 pounds, which means it’s ideal for moving from one location to the next.

Use it at home or your office, and enjoy its 221-pound weight limit and 0.75hp of power. It’s robust thanks to the steel structure, and it comes with wheels to move it around. What’s more, it has a remote control so that you have full control over how you use it. This affordable under-desk walking treadmill is a game-changer. 
Product Features Folding design 42 pounds Wheels included 221-pound weight limit Remote control included Steel structure 0.75hp Pros It’s quiet Cost-effective Small and lightweight Easy to move around Ideal for home or office use It can handle a lot of weight You can fold it up when you’re not using it It comes with a remote control Cons The belt can shift around 8. Chennao Ultra-Quiet Folding Treadmill
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While heavier people may not choose this under-desk walking treadmill over one that has a more substantial weight limit, that doesn’t mean it’s not a standout product.

From its sleek and stylish design to the LED display and one-touch operation, it meets the mark in many ways. People like how it has Bluetooth connectivity, and that it’s portable with caster wheels. Even the shockproof system is an enjoyable feature.

Overall, the durability and design of this under-desk walking treadmill is second-to-none, which is more than enough reason to check it out. It could get you back on track sooner than you think. 
Product Features LED display Bluetooth connectivity One-touch operation Multi-layer belt  Caster wheels Shockproof system Pros It’s not noisy to operate It doesn’t vibrate a lot You can monitor your data It takes up minimal space  The belt is durable and well-made Cons It doesn’t handle a lot of weight 9. Chennao Under-Desk Folding Treadmill
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When the time comes to add a new piece of exercise equipment to your daily routine, let it be this under-desk walking treadmill from Chennao. Even though it’s better suited to walking than running, it allows you to get in as many steps as you need daily.

It folds up when you’re not using it, and has a powerful 2hp motor. The multi-layer belt is also made to last, while the intelligent control chip adds a layer of advancement. 

People also like the heart rate sensors that not all treadmills have and the LED display for seeing your results. Use this under-desk walking treadmill at home or work and enjoy the results it brings. 
Product Features Folding design Remote control included LED display Heart rate sensors  Two-stage power motor Multi-layer belt Acrylic display Intelligent control chip Pros Compact design High-quality parts Easy to move around Takes up minimal space Robust belt You can monitor all your progress  It folds up for storage Cons It’s better for walking than running 10. Running Board Folding Treadmill Under Desk
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You might need a bit more room in your home or office for this under-desk walking treadmill than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same results. It’s ideal for running and walking, has an affordable price tag, and boasts a two-in-one design. What’s more, it folds up when you’re not using it.

The shock-absorbing running board is all about comfort, while the powerful motor offers much-needed peace of mind. The only problem with this under-desk walking treadmill is how much space it takes up. It’s better suited to a large room, rather than one where exercise equipment needs to be discrete. 
Product Features LED display Two-in-one design Folding design Shock-absorbing running board Pros Affordable to buy Powerful motor Easy to set up Lightweight design It has rails for use Suitable for running and walking Cons It takes up a lot of space Considerations for Purchasing an Under Desk Walking Treadmill
Some people may not see the value of doing their homework before buying a new under-desk walking treadmill. They might see one they like that’s priced within their budget, and buy it without a second thought.

It’s only when that under-desk walking treadmill arrives do many people wonder if they made the right decision. That’s why research can be crucial. It gives you an opportunity to work out what you want based on what features a model has. Don’t get your wallet out before considering the following points. 
For many things, the proportions don’t often matter. You wouldn’t measure a loaf of bread before buying it at the grocery store, or a soccer ball before choosing it for the kids. But considering the dimensions of an under-desk walking treadmill can determine whether it’s right for you or not. 

Think about how much space you have to spare – both under your desk and in the room you plan on keeping the treadmill. At full size, is it small enough to remain discrete? And, when it folds up, is it going to be easy to store away in your designated area?

Don’t use the product imagery as a guide, for they are rarely accurate once you assemble it and set it up. Get out your tape measure, jot down the area you have to spare, then choose a new under-desk walking treadmill accordingly. 
Weight Capacity
When exercising, people have two reasons for doing so. They either want to stay fit and healthy, or they want to get fit and healthy. If you fall into the latter category, then the weight limit for an under-desk walking treadmill might matter. Not all models will suit your needs.

Most under-desk walking treadmills for sale are recommended for people weighing up to 220 pounds. If you are over that weight, then consider spending a bit more to buy a treadmill that’s a bit more robust. 

That might mean sacrificing an under-desk variety for an in-room one until you can get down to the recommended weight. Don’t skip this step, for going over the weight limit can cause a treadmill not to operate as well as it should. 
A quick search for under-desk walking treadmills online will see you in front of thousands of options. How on earth are you supposed to narrow them down? Easy – with the price tag. Set yourself a budget that won’t cause you to fall short of your other obligations. 

Once you have that budget in mind, narrow the window. You can then only see options that fall into that price range, and everything else is removed. 

By doing so, you’ve then got plenty of wiggle room to consider the features of each treadmill that fit in with how much you are willing to spend. 
The Belt 
The quality of the belt on your treadmill can make all the difference to your purchasing decision. The best one is non-slip, shock-absorbing, and multi-layer. Remember, this is the main thing you will use on a treadmill, so it needs to be decent. But, how are you supposed to know by only looking at product photos?

Manufacturers will often provide information on the technology of their belt. If they don’t, then read user reviews. Many customers talk about belts slipping or requiring adjustment, so look out for such comments before you make your final decision. 
The goal of an under-desk walking treadmill is to be small and discrete. You can then keep it in your office under your desk, and use it at a moment’s notice. But what is it like to store away? There may come a time where you need to remove it from your workspace or a part of your home. 

Does it fold up? Does it slide neatly under a couch or bed? Can you store it upright in a closet? These are all things to consider before you choose the under-desk walking treadmill you believe is right for you. 
The Motor 
The motor is something that not everyone considers when buying a new treadmill. Believe it or not, though, it can be something that’s worth considering. The more powerful the motor is, the more you can expect to achieve on the treadmill. Often, treadmills with a motor of around 2hp promote a better speed range of your treadmill. Read comments relating to a treadmill’s power to get an idea of what it offers.
Miles Per Hour 
Most people are aware of their limitations. Bring these to the forefront of your mind while choosing an under-desk walking treadmill. How fast can you go? How slow can you go? Is the treadmill better suited to running, jogging, or walking? 

Most treadmills of the under-desk variety allow you to move around four miles per hour. Think about whether that’s enough for you, or if a traditional treadmill might be a better purchase option. 
Running Area
We spoke about the importance of belt quality – having it not move around and ensuring it has multiple layers for durability. But of equal importance is the running area dimensions. 

Of course, under-desk walking treadmills are smaller and more compact than traditional ones, but do you feel limited and constricted when you run or walk? There is no “set” size for the perfect belt. However, the wider it is, the more room you have to run, walk, and jog. 
The Console 
Some, but not all, under-desk walking treadmills come with a console. If the model you’re looking at does, then find out as much as possible about it before you consider buying that model. Check to see if it comes with an app and if it measures your calories, distance, speed, and time. Some models even monitor your heart rate, which is a desirable feature on high-end models. 

What’s more, the console sometimes has Bluetooth connectivity and speakers, which is something that can add a layer of convenience to your workout. 
Benefits of Using an Under-Desk Walking Treadmill
Sitting at your desk all day can take its toll on your health, which is why many people are beginning to see the value in an under-desk walking treadmill. Adding walking to your day can increase your metabolism, build lean muscles, and burn calories. Shedding weight is also a welcome benefit. 

If your job is in the creative industry, then walking can stimulate your mind and evoke new ideas. It can also strengthen muscles and bones, increase productivity, and improve your confidence levels and state of mind. 

Just because you can’t leave your office or workplace as much as you might like, that doesn’t mean you can’t be walking several miles during the working day. It might be time to invest in a new under-desk walking treadmill that’s priced right, well-made, and packed full of features to promote a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.
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