Reviewed: I Refuse to Workout Without These 5-Star Gym Shorts

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It wasn’t until recently that I stopped wearing the same gym shorts that I’ve been wearing since high school during my workouts. I’ve gone far too long considering 12-year-old gym shorts my “best gym shorts” and considering any raggedy t-shirt I found in my closet the “best t-shirt” to wear to the gym. I genuinely didn’t find any need to purchase a more expensive piece of workout clothing solely for sweating and, in my mind, ruining.

This thought process changed back in 2022 when I began testing the best moisture-wicking t-shirts. It was then that I came to the realization that athletic wear doesn’t necessarily get “ruined” the same way old t-shirts do. It’s quite literally made for high-endurance wear. If this were the case with my t-shirts, then why would it not be the case with the gym shorts I’d been hoarding since childhood? Ultimately, I came to the realization that it was time for a gym short replenishment. That’s when a colleague of mine here at SPY told me about Birddogs.

Prior to Birddogs, I’ve only really heard of a few athletic wear brands. You know, the usuals — Nike, Adidas, Lululemon. Truthfully, I wasn’t even purchasing from these brands. You could only catch me picking out workout clothing from the sale rack at Target. But the way Birddogs was explained to me really piqued my curiosity. Birddogs creates a number of different shorts and pants styles that include athletic underwear already in them. This underwear doesn’t ride up the same way your regular undies do in any average pair of gym shorts.

Though Birddogs has a ton of different styles, I became most infatuated with their Lunchman Larrys, a pair of shorts that can be used for lifting weights, running miles, swimming, bar hopping — you name it. Essentially, they’re built to be the pair of shorts you throw on in the morning and don’t take off at night.

Over the course of the last six months, I’ve been wearing these shorts in a myriad of situations, but mostly I’ve realized I have a hard time working out if I’m not wearing them. Read on for my full review of Birddogs’ Lunchman Larrys below.


  • Comfortable
  • Non-riding built-in underwear
  • Made for all day everyday wear
  • Multiple colors and patterns
  • Made for many activities
  • Numerous length options


  • Some patterns not for everyday wear
  • Some might not like unless working out

Prior Thoughts On Shorts With Built-In Underwear

Ever since childhood, I’ve been cutting out the liner from all of my best swim trunks. Liner never felt comfortable for me, but I still wanted something in between my skin and the swimsuit. That said, I’d opt to wear boxer briefs with my swim trunks every time I went swimming. This recently changed upon wearing swim trunks from brands like SAXX, Fair Harbor, and, of course, Chubbies. These brands include a boxer brief-like liner inside each pair of swim trunks, dismantling my need to wear underwear entirely.

That all being said, there’s something similar I actually could never get into shorts with built-in underwear.

“Pantsing” was a huge thing back in high school. For those of you luckily unfamiliar with the term, Urban Dictionary describes it as, “to yank someone else’s pants down. Usually done in a humorous fashion.” Essentially, it’s to non-consensually pull down the pants of a buddy from behind, leaving them standing in a public space wearing nothing but their knickers. Unless, well, your underwear is attached to your pants.

I’ll never forget watching a popular upperclassman boy get pantsed in the middle of the hallway when I was a freshman in high school by his buddy. Little did his friend know he was wearing shorts with built-in undies. His whole noodle was on full display to hundreds of judgmental teens without his choice, and I watched a young man’s cocky confidence spiral downward into the look of a sick, sad puppy dog. I swore from then on that I’d never wear shorts with built-in underwear out of fear the same situation would happen to me.

It took me until the ripe age of 26 to let this go.

Wearing the Lunchman Larrys

Given my trauma, Birddogs’ initial pitch to me regarding shorts and pants with built-in underwear went totally ignored. I had no interest. But after a chat with my therapist, I’ve come to the realization that maybe it’s best to overcome trauma by actively confronting trauma. So, I answered the email.

Birddogs sent me a number of different below-the-belt garments including built-in underwear that, stylistically, I was quite drawn to. Upon my first couple of wears though, I refused to not wear underwear. So, yes, essentially I was wearing pants with two pairs of underwear. Because of this, everything from Birddogs was deeply uncomfortable.

The Lunchman Larrys were the first pair of Birddogs I began to wear underwear free and here was my focus: if someone were to pants me at the gym, they would automatically get banned from the gym and I could just move to a new city and start fresh. I’m relatively new to Chicago and I could likely leave without anyone at the local Planet Fitness ever remembering who I was. So, I bit the bullet and went to the gym “underwear-free”.

I find myself fixing my underwear countless times during most workouts, but with the Lunchman Larrys, this simply doesn’t happen. I can focus on whatever body part I’m training or a consistent speed on the treadmill without shoving my hand down my pants, making these a complete win. The shorts are very breathable and the built-in underwear is extremely moisture-wicking, which is a vast positive difference in comparison to every other pair of undies I wear to the gym.

Something gross I don’t really want to admit but will anyways? I’ll even go multiple days in a row wearing my Lunchman Larrys to the gym without washing them. Why? Because the washing machines in my building cost way too much money and the shorts never smell sour after a workout. I don’t know how, but I’m not questioning it. I only wash them once every week or week and a half.

To keep it real, I don’t really want to wear any other pair of gym shorts right now anyway. These do the job like no other pair of gym shorts I’ve worn and I’ve had some of the most effective workouts I’ve ever had in them. When I say in the title that “I refuse to workout without these 5-star gym shorts”, right now, I truly mean it.

Verdict: Should You Buy Birddogs’ Lunchman Larrys?

If you’re looking for a solid pair of workout shorts, I absolutely suggest buying Birddogs’ Lunchman Larrys. Not only are they excellent for workouts, but these shorts also have a casualness to them that makes them ideal for summer wear. In addition, I haven’t tried this so don’t mark my words, but I’m almost positive that given the quick-drying qualities I’ve already noticed, these would be excellent in the pool.

The Lunchman Larrys have helped me overcome my fear of being pantsed as a 26-year-old man, and for that, I do have to thank you, Birddogs. You’ve made pants with built-in underwear a reality for a non-believer. Just, nobody pants me on the street. I’ll be really, really sad.

Want to try a pair yourself? Find the Lunchman Larrys and the rest Birddogs’ excellent clothing below.

Birddogs Lunchman Larrys

Birddogs Lunchman Larrys