Road trips are a great way to have fun and enjoy your time off work

But do you know that the joy multiplies when you include your dog into it?

By Guest Blogger, Jeffery Thompson

Did you ever have the privilege to plan a road trip with your dog? If not, there are some things that you need to know before you go on a road trip with your furry friend.

Before we tell you the tips to have a great road trip with your dog, here’s why it’s essential to have one!!

Why Should You Plan A Road Trip With Your Dog?

The answer’s quite simple. You should have a road trip with your dog once in a while to:

Freshen up yourself and your dog from the day-to-day routine.
Get to know and explore some new places with your best friend.

Now that you have a few reasons to plan a road trip with your dog, here are the best tips for you to complete that road trip.

●     Pack Essential Things

When you are about to head out on a road trip with your furry friend, it’s essential to carry all the necessary things. Those essential things might be helpful for your pup, you, or your vehicle. Here’s a list of crucial things for you to ponder upon. You are free to customize it as per your personal needs by adding or removing some of the items on the list.

Space-saving collapsible food and water bowls
Your puppy’s favorite treats
Usual medicines for you and your dog.
Poop bags for your dog, so they don’t spoil the surroundings or your car.
A ute bed rack for storing your camping essentials or sleeping at night
Pet grooming kit, so your dog always looks neat and clean.
Kennel for your dog, in case some hotels don’t allow them on their premises.
Your dog’s favorite toys to keep them from getting bored
Vaccination records and certificates of your pet, most preferably the ones related to rabies

●     Protect The Dog & The Car

We know that you love your dog, but you also cannot sacrifice your car’s upholstery for your dog’s fun. Can you? While your dog moves around the vehicle, unknowingly, they could leave paw marks and fur on your car’s interior. Well, how to prevent it? There are two ways to do that – to restrict your dog from moving around too much by restraining them with a pet seat belt. And if you don’t want to bind your pet to just one place in the car, we can look for other means to protect the interiors. Here are a few ways:

A waterproof hammock-style seat cover for your dog so your upholstery stays protected.
On the contrary, if your dog is a stylish pup, take it to the spa and get its nails trimmed neat and clean so they won’t do much harm to soft interiors.
If your dog is a small and cute one, the chances are that they will try to lean by the windows to look outside. This can cause their claws to scratch the glasses. Instead, you can buy a pet seat online and place it in your car. This way, they will be on the level with the window.

●     Keep Them Entertained Throughout The Trip

If your dog doesn’t stay entertained throughout the road trip, you will have difficulty enjoying a road trip peacefully. Every once in a while, you will have to stop by, check on your dog’s needs, maybe give them a bit of schooling, and then go ahead. Instead, you can keep them entertained throughout the road trip so both of you can enjoy the journey while being in your own space.

A way to keep your dog entertained is to leave them in the backseat with their favorite shows streaming on the screen. Also, try playing soothing music so that your dog could sit in the backseat hammock seat and enjoy an afternoon nap.

Also, you should carry something for your dog to chew. There are many dog chew toys available online, which will keep them fully consumed throughout the ride. Try new flavors like peanut butter and cranberry for your pup.

Pitstops for resting are also a great way to let your dog stretch its legs for a bit and break the ice of boredom.

●     Stay Safe At Pump Stops & Public Places

If you’d been planning a road trip before the coronavirus pandemic, this point wouldn’t have made a list, but now that we are in this, you need to stay safe at public places. According to research, the coronavirus might also affect canines (dogs).

So when you get down at the gas stations or anywhere where there are more than five people around, make sure to keep your dog inside the car with the windows still rolled up. Also, you should carry sanitizers with you to disinfect now and then. Do remember not to take the mask off even if you feel like it. The bottom line is, you can only enjoy the road trip if you stay perfectly fit and fine.

●     Use GPS Pet Tracker If Things Go South

God forbid, if your dog goes missing while you are on your road trip, what’d you do? Do you have any backup plan for that? We think not. Here’s your backup plan – GPS Pet Tracking Tags for your dog. These tags will keep track of your puppy’s location if it decides to go tripping in the wilderness. Also, you should carry the latest picture of your dog so you can ask around if anyone saw your dog. To keep your dog safe, you should also have a list of vets around you. This will help your dog recover from the disease or injury as soon as possible.


There you go, those were the five tips for a fantastic road trip with your furry baby. Remember to pack all the essentials like grooming kits, medicines, and lots of food and water. Carry your pups favorite toys and snacks to keep them happy and entertained throughout the trip.

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