Season 10 – The Letter – Part 1

I’ve had this blog for over 10 years now, and what started out with plan to write about my kitchen compost has dramatically changed over the years. Sometimes this little blog of mine feels more like a tv sitcom, you know, a little like Seinfield, a show about nothing in particular. Yet here we all are, in season 10 of filming and the writers are now coming up with ridiculous plot lines, just to keep things interesting.
Theme for season 10 : Follow Your Instincts

Main character: Mavis Butterfield

Time of Year: Spring. Late April 2019 to be exact.

Setting: The ground has thawed and spring chores are in full swing. It’s crunch time though, this is New England after all and there’s really only about a six week period to get the outdoor projects done before BLACK FLY season hits and working outside will require a mosquito net if you live in a wooded area. If you live in the country, or anywhere near water, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Plot: After surviving her first year in the woods of New England, {which included learning the local slang, a snow storm, discovering ticks, trips to the er for tick bites, a poison ivy rash, a dog being diagnosed with Addison’s disease, trash picking at the local recycle center, a few too many lunch dates at lobster shacks, house guests, and an arts and crafts project that got out of control, Mavis Butterfield, receives a mysterious letter in the mail.

And action….

Mavis is sitting on the couch watching Downton Abby for the 100 millionth time and working on one of her rugs when her husband comes inside the house with a stack of mail and hands it to her. Mavis sifts through the mail, discarding everything but a single #10 white envelope. She examines the letter thoughtfully, but does not open it.


Mavis: Someone wants to buy our house!

HH: What?

Mavis: Someone wants to buy our house.

HH: What are you talking about?

Mavis: Look at the envelope. Who do we know in XYZ? Look at the ink. It’s bright blue, like the kind of a bright blue pen that comes in a multi pack of fine tip markers they sell at Costco, or a scrap-booking store. And who addresses a letter to “Homeowner” anymore? Plus it has a real stamp. If it was bulk mail, or a mass mailing or something printed from a computer it wouldn’t look like this.


Mavis: I can tell by the thickness of the paper. And it feels like it has a photograph in it. And that the note was written on card stock.

HH: Whatever. Are you going to open it?

Mavis: In a minute. I want to finish this flower.

Mavis finally finishes pulling the wool strips through her rug and with the HH looking on and not sure to make of the whole situation, Mavis opens the envelope, takes one look at the photograph and starts to smile in astonishment.

Mavis: I wonder if being a clairvoyant is part of the whole INTJ personality trait?

HH: What!? WHO IS THAT? Who are those people?

Mavis: I have no idea. Let me read the note.

HH: WHO is that?

Mavis hands the HH a photograph.

Mavis: They bookmarked our house a year and a half ago when it was for sale because they thought they might be moving to the area at some point. They love our house and basically want to know if we would be interested in selling them our home.


Mavis: Do you want to move?


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