Style Scenario: Blue Sportcoat, Blue Shirt, Blue Jeans

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes its good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. Thats what these are for. If it aint broke, dont fix it. And this look aint broke. Heres how to pull off the all blues look, without going totally broke in the process. Want to dress it up a little? Swap the jeans out for gray 5-pockets or chinos. Ta-Da. Instant business casual.

Style Scenario: Everybody Get the Blues! |

The Blazer: Blue Check Wool Sportcoat fromSuitsupply $399 or Spier $279 ($328).Theyre basically the same jacket. Suitsupply has slim sizes in stock, while Spier has plenty sizes in their more athletic, contemporary fit. The subtle jolts of medium and even light blue in the pattern helps the eye not confuse it with the dark denim.

The Sunglasses: Hugo Boss 51mm Sunglasses $59.97.Classic keyhole bridge thats not over-stylized. Saturated tortoise shell pattern. Very much on sale. Thanks Nordy Rack!

The Shirt: Amazon Goodthreads Mens The Perfect Oxford Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt $25.Or whatever light-blue OCBD you happen to prefer.

The Jeans:Banana Republic Rapid Movement in Slim or Athletic Tapered $99 ($119).These things have weirdly been on sale for so long, Im starting to forget what it was like when they were constantly excluded from sales. Was just going for $50.

The Coat: Banana RepublicWater-Resistant 3-Layer Mac Jacket $198.For those times of year when you need a coat long enough to cover a suit or sportcoat tail, but you dont want some heavy wool thing. There are more of those times than youd think, and a basic mac style like this, is pretty darn perfect. Has gone on sale, will go on sale again.

The Socks:USA Made Wigwam Skull & Cross Bones Merino Cool Dress Socks $15 ($19.50).When can charcoal be considered a pop of contrasting color? When the rest of your outfit is blue. Perfect weight to these. Not super thin dress socks, not overly bulky camp socks either. Right in-between. Nice cushioning.

The Belt:Gap Basic Leather Belt $34 ($39.95).I could put some different belt in here, just to try to sell you another belt, but thats not what we do here. This thing is nails, and works in so many casual to smart-casual situations its almost unfair.

The Shoes:Made in Italy Astorflex Desert Boots in Stone- $127.98($150). Sure, most would go for the dark khaki here, but I think the lighter gray/taupe stone is more subtle, but still super attractive thanks to the contrast.Extremely comfortable, soft suede, nice quality.

The Watch:Timex Beekman $158. Classy good looks for a relatively reasonable price. Has gone on sale before. Fingers crossed that it does again. Full review here.