Style Scenario: Dressed Up Valentine’s Day Date Night

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About the Author: Jason P. spends his days working in the creative marketing department of a big telecom company. He also does a bit of real estate investing on the side. He believes in curating a timeless, classic wardrobe with subtle modern touches for today. He and his wife love hiking with their dog and shopping at local small businesses and antique stores when they travel. Jason is a practitioner of muay thai and traditional boxing, and his favorite drink is a hoppy New England IPA.

What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. This Valentine’s day, stay in and order in. Or maybe make dinner together. But still get dressed up! Sure we’ve been home-bound for the better part of the past year, but making a big effort for an at-home celebration only multiplies the romance. It’ll set the evening apart as a special affair. Yes, we’re channeling George Clooney’s Danny Ocean (again). Maybe it’s because the Ocean’s Trilogy has been running endlessly on TBS/TNT/etc. as of late. But it’s also a great, simple look, that’s also comfortable, charming, and sharp. Evidence: 

Not a very romantic scene. OR IS IT? Off we go with the style scenario…


The Suit: SuitSupply Napoli Suit in Dark Grey – $400. As classic as it gets, in a properly contemporary tailored fit and incredible price for the quality of fabrics and construction. Beautifully crafted in super 110’s Italian wool in a tight angular weave. This is a true do-it-all suit with classic formal touches perfect for the special night. At Four hundred bones on it’s own is not a small amount, but when you’re getting something of this quality in return – which could be sold for double and justifiably so- it’s worth the cost of entry.

The Shirt:  Ledbury Penbrooke Wrinkle-Free Twill Shirt in Blue – $98. Ledbury is doing wrinkle free now? Terrific. Yes, Ledbury is expensive, but the fabrics, cuts, and button placement make it the pre-eminent attainable shirt for men around these Dappered parts. Need something cheaper? Nordy’s Extra Trim Fit Non-Iron Solid Stretch Dress Shirt does the trick for under $40. Want an assist with keeping your collar from pancaking out under your suit jacket? Get some alloy collar stays, then put a slight bend in them for a perfect collar that’ll frame your face.

The Watch: Hamilton 42mm Jazzmaster Day/Date White Dial – $550. Keeping things elegant and classic, this dress watch proves Hamilton’s watchmaking prowess extends beyond their beloved field watches. Swiss made, automatic, and on big-time sale at Nordstrom Rack. This outfit is getting spendy in a hurry (Dappered is about affordable style, right?), so for a cheaper option, check out the recently published simple and affordable daily dress watch post. Lots of options in there.

The Belt: Nordstrom Newman Reversible Leather Belt – $49.50. A basic, reversible, do-anything dress belt. Ships and returns for free.

The Shoes: Spier and Mackay Goodyear Welted Double Monk Straps – $248. Adding a bit of stylistic flash here. Double monks, but in a deep dark classic brown. As go-to brands seem to move away from traditional brown (ahem, Allen Edmonds), this pair from Spier provides a lot of bang for the buck. Not into monk straps? A classic cap toe would work here too. The Italian Made Massimo Matteo cap toe from Zappos gets the job done and done well for $130.

The Socks: Nordstrom Rib Wool Dress Sock in Charcoal – $5 ($12.50). Wool is cool. Literally. If you’re a regular reader, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this, but the fact remains: wool is a temperature regulator, and will help keep feet fresh if the shoes come off. Which they will. It’s a nice stylistic and formal touch to start with shoes, but as you get more comfortable, feel free to take them off if the vibe is right. You’re inside, after all.

The Drink: Casa Natal Malbec – $13ish. As always with booze, your pricing will vary by town and state. There’s something about wine and romance, no? Malbec goes well with a fancy feast befitting an evening such as this. Even if that fancy feast is take out from the restaurant down the block.

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