That Time My Mother & I Could Have Been Twins...

So, that's my mom in the photo, who I actually look nothing like, though people always said I did (it's mainly because we both have dark hair and are overweight - she wasn't until she had me).  I probably have her eye shape and I definitely inherited the lone fluffy eyebrow thing from her (but she always tweezed it away).  But I don't have her ski-slope nose or her square teeth, nor her face shape or ears.  

However, this community recently posted pictures that she was in and one photo is the only time we've kind of showed a resemblance.  
So, the community is one of Facebook, for Laurel where my parents grew up.  I've talked about it before in a blog that I used to have (you can read that here), where they talked about the house my mom grew up in and I found graduation pictures for my dad, my paternal aunt, & my maternal aunt.

Somebody in that community recently scanned in photo's from the Jones Junior High year book during the early 1960s, which are years where either of my parents would have attended.  I knew I'd heard the school name bandied about when my parents talk about their formative years (which they've done a lot over the years).  I thought dad went to Mannix Junior High, but still I looked to see if I could see him.

Somehow I missed mom, as that was her Junior High and not dad's.  So, she sent me the photo's of her in an email.
It's obvious as to which one is my mom because I've seen a million pictures of her over my life time and I've actually seen her laugh-smile like this before; where her eyes close and her face crinkles, so it's definitely a face I've seen before and her ski-slope nose and square teeth are hard to miss.  She's wearing the weird gingham & rick-a-rack shawl over her sweater (center front row).  

However, the next picture she sent there was no one that resembled her.
There is a girl who slightly favours my look and slightly favours my mom's birth mothers look.  My mom more resembles her birth grandmother (though way prettier, but it's where she got the nose from with the very prominent columella nasi portion).  I don't necessarily resemble her birth mother & in fact do look more like my dad's side of the family and his mom and sister in ways - but people always just want to lump fat with fat, so... but actual side by side comparison of photo's and you can see the favourability with dad's family more so than mom's.  But her birth mother had a much smaller nose than the birth grandmother though it was rather beaky, where as mine is a little bubble of a nose.  

And the girl in the photo does appear to have the same hair cut and clothing, even the same large square buckle for the skirt belt (minus the weird gingham collar) & my mom swears it's her.  It's the girl in the black sweater center front row.

I had to get her to point herself out, and only said, "Well, there's a girl that could kind of look like me around that age..."

I don't have a lot of pictures of me from around age 11 - 13 because those were terrible years for me, so I destroyed all of the photo's.  But I also think it's the poor quality film because some of the girls seem to be washed out, causing them to lose features, so it appears like the girl has a tiny, wide bubble nose, but would in fact have a large ski-slope nose.  And she just looks like she has chubby cheeks and a rounder face.  

But the washing out of a photo can't necessarily make someone resemble you more.  None of the other girls resemble me in the slightest, at any age.  So, if that is my mother (and the clothing points to a yes), then there's still something there on a basic level that has us resembling each other.  Which is at once fascinating and weird. #Uncategorized