The 30+ Best School Fundraising Companies For 2023

You want to make a great school fundraiser happen this year. 


Why is fundraising important for schools? Education and sports aren’t cheap. We can help. This article gives you a list of the 30 best school fundraising companies


First we’ll cover how to pick the right fundraising company. Then we’ll dive into the list. 


Find Good-Fit School Fundraiser Companies For Your Group

To make money you’ve got to know what you’re selling and how you’ll promote the product.


Promoting the product

We made sure the products on this list are good, so what you need to really focus on is the marketing. That will depend on the draw to customers, what’s the real benefit of what they’re buying? Ask these questions to yourself: 


  • What sort of product or activity would sell best in your community?
  • What captions will you use on social media posts? 
  • What images will you take and pick before you post? 
  • What will you say in person when you’re handing out fundraiser flyers?


Most of the school fundraising companies on this list also provide marketing support. That could mean templated social media content that’s easy to complete and share. It could also mean physical flyers for you to show people in person. Consider this kind of support when choosing who to work with, in addition to other factors like payment, which we’re about to discuss.



Each school fundraising company has at least somewhat different contract terms and duties. So check what’s above the dotted line. The main thing to know is about payment


First, you need to know the payment structure. Is it a flat amount, or is it a percentage? Usually it’s a percentage. The exact percentage often depends on the specific product sold as well as how much you sell.


Second, how much are you getting? Is it worth the return? All the companies on this list have a great track record with years under their belt so this shouldn’t be a big deal, but you should check the box. 


Third, what happens when the volume of your sales goes up. Do you earn more? Usually school fundraiser companies will give a higher percentage of total sales (not just a higher total dollar amount) if you sell more products in total.


Keep in mind that many school fundraising companies charge additional, administrative fees. They often also have rewards programs to incentivize more sales. Once you have a short list of potential companies, pay close attention to the terms and obligations as well as any opportunities available to you. 


With these basics in mind, you’re ready to sift through the best school fundraising companies for 2023. 


Keep going. 


GroupRaise: Schedule A Restaurant Fundraiser In 1 Minute Or Less

With over 10,000 restaurant partners on deck, GroupRaise is the number one platform in the country connecting nonprofit groups with restaurants. 


In your city there could be dozens of highly-reviewed restaurants that would love to host your team and supporters. From fast food to fast casual and dine in, GroupRaise offers plenty of flexibility. That includes a loved, small local kitchen as well as top national brands. 


All you have to do is spend 1 minute or less scheduling the fundraiser. The restaurant will get back to you within a week. GroupRaise will send customized marketing materials so you rack up RSVPs. Then show up, eat, and receive a check within a month. Give back percentages are usually around 20%.


Do a quick search and find some nonprofit-supporting restaurants near you.



Group of People Making Toast

Image by fauxels on Pexels.


Chuck E. Cheese Is A Favored Classic For Kids

Chuck E. Cheese is a great choice among elementary school fundraising companies. Kids love playing games and eating pizza there. A Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser Night is available to schools and school groups of all kinds all across the country. 


The give back percentage is 20%. This is substantial considering that all the work is done for your group, you only need to promote the fundraiser and show up with other attendees. Your donations only come from the designated event, though, not from any other Chuck E. Cheese purchases or sales made outside the event. 


Gourmet Gift Baskets Sells Quality Goods

Gourmet Gift Baskets offers fundraising groups the opportunity to sell gift baskets filled with a variety of delicious gourmet food items, snacks and treats. The way to make the most money for your school with Gourmet Gift Baskets is to sell to adults with disposable income. There’s a gift basket for any occasion: Holidays, birthdays, congratulations, and more. 


Your team’s social media shares and flyers should direct supporters to the right website with your unique fundraising code, and that’s all it takes for a qualifying sale to happen. Gourmet Gift Baskets gives between 10% and 15% of sales back to the school group. 


Krispy Kreme Donuts Are Delicious

Selling delicious donuts? Easy. It’s even easier when the glazed delights carry the name of Krispy Kreme, a loved brand all over the nation. Digital Dozens is a program for fundraising groups, including schools, to get 50%+ back on all sales. 


Learn more about selling Krispy Kreme donuts to get donations.



Woman holding out box of donuts at a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. School Fundraising Companies

Image by No Revisions on Unsplash.


People Love Oberweis Ice Cream

Oberweis sells ice cream and dairy products of the highest quality. That’s why people across Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois flock to these shops. You’ll get 20% back on all supporter purchases there.


Check out the Oberweis calendar to find an event date and time that works for you.



School-A-Thon Activities Draw Happy Crowds Of Supporters

School-A-Thon is a walk-a-thon fundraising program. A walk-a-thon is a long-distance walk where participants and supporters raise money for a nonprofit. School-A-Thon is a great choice if you want to encourage people to achieve their fitness goals. Other options include pledge drives, readathons, fun runs, among others.


The School-A-Thon give back percentage depends on the fundraiser, but they go as high as 70%. These are among the highest profit margins for any fundraising group. School-A-Thon does offer prizes to motivate supporters, including tokens of recognition and T-shirts. Support to fundraising groups include customized promotional tools, including social media content.


Apex Leadership Co. Is All About Fitness And Donations

Apex is a great school fundraising company for elementary school and middle school groups to partner with and raise funds. Apex has helped raise over $80 million for over 5,000 schools in the United States. At the same time Apex fundraising is a positive way to promote fitness and health. The way this happens is with activities like fun runs and obstacle courses. Apex creates a comprehensive fundraising plan in partnership with a school. 


Profits ultimately happen through supporter pledges. Schools commonly raise thousands of dollars by partnering with Apex.


Children's Team Building on Green Grassland. School Fundraising Companies

Image by Lukas on Pexels.


Boosterthon Shows You How To Host Big Event Days

Booster has helped over 6,400 schools in the last 20 years raise more than $400 million. They do this with big event days. Booster helps school groups build up to event day and gain attention and excitement. The operation of the event goes smoothly with Booster’s know-how in play. You can choose between fun runs, color runs, glow runs, or a dance. 


How much you earn depends on pledges, which means you’ll need to promote the event as much as you can. 


Little Caesars Pizza Is A Safe Bet

Little Caesars pizza is nationally known for an affordable and delicious classic treat, hot slices of savory pizza. The average meal price is $9. The give back percentage is 20%. With online ordering and delivery on top of an actual meal event, you can give supporters flexibility to donate and dine how they prefer.


It won’t be difficult to get orders for Little Caesars pizza, so check out the calendar for an event.



Mabel’s Labels Are Customizable And Practical

Among school fundraising companies, Mabel’s Labels has a unique product to offer. Mabel’s Labels sells labels for clothes, lunch boxes, school suppliers, and other items. These labels are customizable. This is a practical product and has been easy for school fundraiser groups to promote successfully. 


Mabel’s Labels typically offers school groups a profit margin around 20%.


Yankee Candle Fundraising Offers Home Decor

Schools can sell home decor products in partnership with Yankee Candle Fundraising. Items include fragrances and candles, among others. This is another popular choice for fundraising groups. 


A Yankee Candle Fundraising campaign would yield on average a 50% return from sales. Among school fundraiser companies, this is a high percentage. 


On top of that, most school nonprofits will find an easy time promoting Yankee Candle Fundraising goods. Your social network will likely include many family members who will want to buy home decor and to help raise funds for a local school. 


Candle on wooden table

Image by Jessica Delp on Unsplash.


It’s A Wrap On Empty Coffers When You Use Charleston Wrap

Try selling kitchenware, gift wrap, and home decor products to supporters and their families. That’s what Charleston Wrap offers to nonprofit groups across the country. The products are quality and that’s why this company is popular with customers.


Charleston Wrap has a solid give back percentage, usually ranging between 30% and 40%

Sell The Best Of Baked Goods With Otis Spunkmeyer

Otis Spunkmeyer is a popular choice for school fundraising groups. This is because everybody loves tasty baked goods. That includes delicious cookies, muffins, brownies, and cookie dough. Otis Spunkmeyer has been helping nonprofit groups raise funds successfully for over four decades. This is an especially good idea for elementary school fundraisers


Your profit margin with Otis Spunkmeyer will be between 40% and 55%. Cookie dough for example nets a 40% return. This is very high and makes fundraising with Otis Spunkmeyer attractive for school groups.

World’s Finest Chocolate (Chocolate) Is Delicious

A crowd favorite, you can’t go wrong fundraising with (the) World’s Finest Chocolate. They sell a range of sweets, including chocolate bars and pretzels. There’s something for everyone to take home and go over the day’s calorie count.


You can make up to 50% off the price tag for World’s Finest Chocolate (chocolate). For school fundraising companies that’s a very high give back percentage. Be sure to take advantage of the profits and the sweets, too. Just save me some.


Sweet Chocolate Bars On Plate. School Fundraising Companies

Image by Anete Lusina on Pexels.


Sell Frozen Food With Schwan’s Cares 

Schwan’s Cares offers frozen food products. For example, you can sell pizza and ice cream or healthy stuff like vegetables. Instead of selling food that’s ready to eat, you can promote food that people get ready at home. That’s one way to switch things up. 


Your group can get up to 40% of the revenues from the sales you make. There’s also a School Rewards program, where schools can earn points for every dollar that supporters spend on items sold by Schwan’s Cares. Rewards include computer and sports equipment. 


People Love Pokeworks Poke Bowls

Pokeworks sells poke bowls. These are bowls with mixed vegetables, rice, fish, and sauce. The average meal price is a high $20, but the upside is a generous 25% give back. This restaurant fundraiser will separate your school group from the pack because you’re offering a more uncommon type of meal that is also healthy (but still tasty).


Distinguish your fundraiser by offering a tasty but healthy meal – do it with Pokeworks. 



Pokeworks Poke


Savearound Has Sought-After Deals

For over four decades SaveAround has been a reliable school fundraising company in helping nonprofit groups draw in donations. They have primarily done this with coupon books. These can be physical and digital. The businesses that redeem the discounts are both national and local. We’re talking about restaurants, attractions, and retailers of all kinds. Your school group can customize the coupon books that you sell with your own branding designs. 


SaveAround’s book has access to hundreds of different discounts, totalling $5,000 in savings. One book costs $25 with half of that going back to your group. 


Entertainment Fundraising Lets You Sell Awesome Coupons

Entertainment Fundraising has been helping nonprofit groups, including schools, for over 27 years. They are a popular choice, and for good reason. What they offer are discount coupons and vouchers. Consumer options include restaurants, shopping centers and stores, and entertainment venues of many different kinds. Discounts go as high as 50%.


Entertainment Fundraising can be used year-round, not just seasonally, and in most locations around the country. There is no up-front cost. Entertainment Fundraising would need you to sell digital memberships. These give supporters access to coupons and vouchers. You have to sell a minimum number of memberships. 


Your school group will get 20% of every membership fee once you hit the minimum.


Cherrydale Fundraising Has A Variety Of Products

Cherrydale Fundraising is about giving a wide range of products for school groups to choose from. These products include gift wrap, popcorn, and other treats. That means Cherrydale Fundraising is a flexible partner for any school group, allowing volunteers to appeal to an array of potential supporters. With over 100 years experience, Cherrydale Fundraising is a trusted partner for nonprofit groups across the country. 


The give back percentage from Cherrydale Fundraising is usually 40% to 50%. Half the total revenue from sales is very high.


Appeal To Everyone By Partnering With Believe Kids

Believe Kids helps school fundraising groups create customized campaigns. They have more than 20 different types of fundraisers. All the types are product-based, you sell goods for a percentage of total revenue. Believe Kids has relationships with various retailers.  Products range from magazines, jewelry, kitchenware, gift wrap, to gifts


Believe Kids customizes your fundraising solution based on how many people are in your group, your school type (e.g., elementary), the type of fundraiser you ran last, and the fundraising season. How much you’ll make really depends on the campaign you run, so check out their website and work through their process. 


Fundraising.Com Offers A Wide Variety Of Goods is a website where nonprofit groups can pick off a large menu of product-based fundraising. From candy and snacks to jewelry, schools can sell such a variety to create broad appeal. People can buy products they’d get anyway, but help a local good cause at the same time. has been helping nonprofits for over 20 years and each year thousands of groups take advantage. You should too.


The amount you earn depends on the product you sell.


It’s As Easy As Abc Fundraising

ABC Fundraising has helped nonprofit groups raise over 50 million dollars since 1993. They primarily offer help with product-based fundraising. Products include flower bulbs, popcorn, cookie dough, discount cards, candles, and more


Profit margins for partner nonprofits are usually around 70% of sales.


JustFundraising Focuses On Great Consumer Products

JustFundraising is a website with plenty of product-based fundraising ideas for you to look over. Products include candy bars, cookie dough, popcorn, and more than treats like gift wrap and flowers. There is no up-front cost to start and many products have free shipping. JustFundraising also offers customer support. 


The amount you make depends on the campaign you run and the products that you sell.


On The Border Has The Best Of Tex-Mex

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina is Tex-Mex heaven. Try the guacamole or queso dip and tell me different! The average cost of a meal is a reasonable $16 and the give back percentage is a solid 20%. This restaurant chain operates all over the country. 


It only takes a minute or two to find a convenient date and time, so head on over to On the Border’s calendar. 



On the Border fundraising is an excellent alternative to Chili's fundraising.


Art To Remember Gives Parents Cherished Keepsakes 

Art to Remember is unique among school fundraising companies. Kids make art, but how can parents customize and make the keepsake durable? Art to Remember has the solution. Turn your kids’ artwork into mugs, magnets, and T-shirts, as well as more durable copies that mimic the original. This is a great way to promote education. 


Parents pay for the products and schools make 25% off the sales and all the way up to 38%


Snap! Raise Offers Crowdfunding Focused On Schools, Clubs, And Teams

Snap! Raise has assisted over 100,000 schools, groups, and teams raise over $700 million to date. Your webpage looks good on mobile too and you can customize it to engage supporters more effectively. 


Snap! Raise has easy and secure payment processing as well as tools for managing team members and communicating with supporters. You can track all your donations and campaigns on one platform. Snap! Raise also connects to social media, allowing you to manage your posts and customize them more effectively. 


GoFundMe Is The Most Used Crowdfunding Platform

GoFundMe is the top crowdfunding platform in the world. It is open to anyone, including nonprofits. Some schools have found success with GoFundMe’s general software solutions and payment processing. Read more about GoFundMe alternatives here.


Papa John’s Pizza Is Reliably Delicious

Papa John’s is a nationwide pizza chain you’re already familiar with, and not just because you can find one in pretty much any city. The pizza is reliably tasty and the signature sauce is sweet. They have vegetarian options too, making it an easy-fit for most school fundraising groups out there. 


Papa John’s has an average meal price of $25 that is well worth it for the large portions you get. The give back for nonprofit groups is a fair 15%


Send Papa John’s a request for an event and they’ll get back to you within a week. 



Pick The Best School Fundraising Company For Your Nonprofit Group

You’ve seen the 30 best school fundraising companies for 2023. There are many different kinds to choose from. You may want to focus on a specific activity to achieve fitness goals and get pledges that way. Another school fundraiser company might offer such a broad array of products that you can be flexible in your promotional activity and experiment.


One under-emphasized type of school fundraiser company are restaurants. Kids love donuts and pizza, for example, and there are plenty of restaurants that will offer you a generous give back percentage just for scheduling the event and promoting it. With all the established brand names out there you’re sure to land a lot of RSVPs.


GroupRaise makes payment, scheduling, and marketing easy. Consider the benefit of customized marketing materials and dedicated customer support. Check out donation-generating restaurants near you here.


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