The little things often make a big difference in interior design and that applies to any type of space

Take the bathroom for instance. A lot of times there’s not much space to work with so functionality needs to be prioritized overlooks but even so, there are ways to blend both. The towel rack is a perfect example of a small detail which ultimately impacts the space in a big way. Check out below some of our top favorite bathroom towel storage ideas.

This right here is a simple farmhouse-style towel rack that has a rather familiar look. The project starts with a wooden board which you can stain in your favorite nuance. The hooks are very important because they’re the ones that ultimately give the rack its character. Check out all the details of the project on angelamariemade.

A really cute idea is to keep the towels on a ladder. You can make one yourself from scratch using wooden dowels and copper T junction pipe fittings.  Don’t forget the copper caps for the top and bottom of the ladder. This combination of materials looks very chic. This type of storage is great not just for bathroom towels but also for blankets and other things. Check out bobvila for details.

This thing gives you a rack to keep a towel on as well as a little storage compartment for a few other items such as napkins, toiletries or a little planter. This is a metal basket with a copper pipe attached at the bottom using hooks. If you want to you can spray-paint the basket to match the pipe or vice versa. You can find the details for this project on ajoyfulriot.

Crafting a simple and very basic-looking bathroom towel rack is super easy and only involves a piece of wood, some hooks and screws to secure it to the wall. It’s up to you to decide if you want to stain the wood, to paint it or perhaps even to leave it unfinished. Consider using reclaimed wood. It gives the rack a lot of character. Check out oldhousetonewhome for more inspiration.

If you want something minimalist that would look nice in your contemporary bathroom, check out this chic DIY towel hanger idea from ohohdeco. It involves wooden dowels, an old leather belt, some screws and a drill. You can make adjustments as necessary based on how much space there’s available or the look that you prefer.

This towel rack is basically just a bunch of pallet boards placed in a frame. You can actually just use this as wall art if you don’t add the hooks. It looks simple but beautiful and it really adds a lot of charm and character to the bathroom. Find out more about this project and more on thegoldensycamore.

A rope towel holder would look lovely too, especially in a beach-inspired bathroom decor. To make something like this you need rope, something to cut it with, two galvanized clips, a glue gun, screws, wall anchors and a few basic tools such as a screwdriver, a hammer and a drill. You can find a detailed description of the project on grecodesigncompany.

If you’d like your bathroom towel rack to look a bit more… artistic perhaps you’ll enjoy this idea from robolady. This rack is actually an empty frame which is seamlessly integrated into a whole wall installation along with several other frames of different shapes and sizes. It’s a cool idea if you have the space.

Now, these are some seriously cute towel rings. They’re a lovely way to add some character to the bathroom and they’re very easy to make too. The supplies needed include 5” metal rings , wire cutters, unfinished wood beads, dye, leather straps, a screw punch and glue. You could also use colored beads instead of the unfinished kind if you want to simplify the project. Find out more details on spoonforkbacon.

This hanging leather rack has a ladder-inspired look but with a bit more flexibility. To make something like this you’re going to need two pieces of leather, three wooden dowels, two key rings (D-shaped or circular), scissors, hole punch, rivets and setter and two screws for the wall. Check out the full tutorial on whydontyoumakeme.

This is a rather unusual idea for a bathroom towel rack but it looks nice in a rustic setting and it’s also quite practical as it can hold multiple extra towels. As you can clearly see, this is a basket which has been mounted vertically on the wall just above the toilet. The idea comes from hammersandhighheels.

That little wall space above the toilet which a lot of bathrooms have can be quite difficult to work with.. One way in which you can maximize your use of this space is with shelves. You can use the shelves to store and display various things including towels, extra toilet paper rolls, toiletries and some decorations too. Check out efficientmomma for details.

This is a combination of a towel rod and a shelf blended into a single accent piece which you can pretty much fit into any bathroom no matter how small. The rustic look is a nice touch and you can definitely take advantage of this if you want to make your bathroom look more inviting and comfortable. Check out this project on instructables.

An industrial-style towel holder is super easy to make mostly because imperfections and ruggedness are in its nature. This project from thefogueabode is also very cheap. You only need some lumber (reclaimed wood can work nicely and is often free), stain and water spouts. You might already have most of the materials.

This towel holder idea from shanty-2-chic is super cute and takes up little space which is always appreciated. It’s all made of wood and it holds one towel on a hook as usual plus two extra ones on the shelves. You can add more shelves if you want to or you can make them bigger depending on how many towels you want it to hold and how big they are.

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