What’s Up, Weekend? | Idaho, Marco Polo + Nordstrom Last Call Deals

woman wearing pink tee and striped shorts standing by a white fence
woman wearing pink tee and striped shorts standing by a white fence

Happy Weekend, sweet friends! I’m back from Idaho, and feeling refreshed and relaxed! We got back on Tuesday evening, and I’ve finally come out from under all of the laundry! 🧺 Whew! Idaho is beautiful, but somehow everything we took got absolutely filthy! (We spent a lot of time outdoors!)

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woman wearing vacay tee and pink shorts standing by flowers

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All About Idaho!

Did you know that the population of the entire state of Idaho is only one million? (The city of Dallas has 3 million!) That means things are open, naturally socially distanced, and, there are mountains everywhere you look! They’ve had very few cases of COVID-19 anywhere except in the city of Boise. (Which was soooo nice!) We flew into Boise, grabbed our rental car, and headed up into the mountains to Garden Valley, where they haven’t had any cases in months! Becca’s been working at Starlight Mountain Theatre all summer, with an audience made of up vacationers as well as Idaho locals. It’s an outdoor theatre, so they haven’t had to worry about masks, COVID, etc.! (Although a nasty wave of strep throat swept through most of the 30+ person cast and crew about a month ago!)

woman and man standing on either side of girl in yellow tee in a princess tiara
Before her last Shrek performance as Fiona!

She’s done five shows this summer, including High School Musical, Beauty & the Beast, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Shrek, the Musical (She played Fiona). They’re currently wrapping up their season with Hello, Dolly! She’s playing Irene Malloy (the hat shop owner), and loving it! She’ll be home in a week or so, pursuing some voiceover opportunities, and waiting patiently for her industry to open back up.

man and woman on either side of young woman dressed in costume from hello dolly musical
Before the opening night of Hello Dolly!

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We made it for the closing night performances of the first four shows, and the opening night of Hello, Dolly! It was so special to be there, enjoy the outdoors with her, and meet the friends who have become like family to her this summer.

sunset view in idaho mountains
woman and daughter on a walk
Do you love that I taught her to pose! Hahaha! (Actually I think she taught me!)

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When we weren’t watching her shows or enjoying long talks with her at our cute VRBO cabin, we hiked, floated the river, and fly fished! (Actually, Bob fished and I went along just to enjoy the scenery!)

woman wearing graphic tee standing by a river

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Handling Stress (Or Not So Much!)

By the time we got there, I was really struggling with stress, not sleeping well, and having trouble relaxing. I don’t do well when there are a lot of things happening at once, and honestly, juggling a lot of things is kind of the nature of my job! Also, I love working at home, but the things we used to do to get out of the house (like traveling, or going to sporting events, concerts, and even the movies) have not been possible. (Thanks, COVID!) That means I’ve been working more than I should, and dreaming about work too! Not good! 😬

woman wearing tie dye jeans and white jeans jacket sitting with her feet up on a table on a porch

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The time away was a great time to pull back, think about what I needed to do differently, and figure out how I could work more downtime into my schedule. Both Bob and Becca gave me such good advice! (How great is it when your adult kids can support and advise you?!) I came home determined to do a few things differently, for sure.

woman wearing tie dye shirt and pink shorts standing by white fence and flowers

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Marco! Polo!

Have you heard of the Marco Polo app? It’s a free video chat app. The name, Marco Polo, comes from the old call-and-response swimming pool game. You shoot a “Marco” video message and send it to your friend who then responds with a “Polo” response video whenever they have time. So, you’ve made contact, but you don’t have to both be ready to connect live at the same time. Instead, you watch their video when you have time, and respond when you have time. Becca’s acting coach in NYC uses it to stay in touch with her, and she’s wanted us to download it forever!

woman wearing pink puffy sleeve tee and floral pants standing on a porch step

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We finally did it this week, and now we’re addicted! It takes less time than texting, seems much more personal than talking on the phone, and it’s so convenient. I can Marco Polo Becca early in the morning when I’m up working out, but I know she’s still asleep, and she can Marco Polo me at midnight after a show (even if I’m in bed). We can watch each other’s videos and respond when it works for us!

I highly recommend this app! In fact, when I go to Florida next month, I’m going to attempt to teach my 80-something-year-old parents how to use it. We’ll see how that goes! 😁

Happy, happy weekend, y’all! What’s up for you this weekend? Bob and I are working on selling some of the furniture and decor we don’t need since we’re remodeling, so we’ll be working on that. Plus, I’m sure we’ll get in some pool time! It’s about a bazillion degrees here in Dallas right now. 🥵

Pray for our sweet friends on the Louisiana coast.💟 🙏🏼



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