You might be wondering, what in the world is a hybrid bike? Is it like the Toyota Prius of cycling? Not quite

Specifically designed for beginners and recreational riders, hybrid bikes are based around an upright construction that maximizes comfort and optimizes speed and handling.

Though they don’t feature a hybrid engine, they’re certainly doing their part to save the planet by reducing the number of cars on the road. Extremely versatile and ideal for those commuting through the city or looking to enjoy a leisurely weekend ride, hybrid bikes are your entry point into the world of cycling and a step toward a greener and fitter future. 

Capable of tackling virtually any kind of terrain, hybrid bikes blend together road and mountain bikes to create the ultimate bicycle. However, as with all popular categories, picking and choosing between the myriad of options never gets easy.

Fortunately, we here at Next Luxury have wrangled together the best of the best when it comes to hybrid bikes. Take a read below of the eight best hybrid bikes in 2021, and you’ll be sure to find the right bicycle for you. 


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1. Cannondale Treadwell 2 LTD Urban Bike '21


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You know a bicycle is good when you read the phrase, “due to increased demand.” Made for any day, anywhere, the Cannondale Treadwell 2 LTD Urban Bike ’21 is the Best Choice option on our list of the eight best hybrid bikes in 2021. Totally accessible for all kinds of riders, it’s easy to jump on and off, handlebars are nice and close, and the seat position makes it easier to get your foot on the pedals.

Featuring a design that nods to funky bikes of the past, with handlebars and tires inspired by dirt-track racers, the Treadwell 2 LTD Urban Bike boasts an aluminum frame and fork made from SmartForm C3 Alloy. Coupled with a wide range 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, the Cannondale Treadwell 2 LTD has got all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a top-of-the-line hybrid bike. 

Hell, it even sports “armor bumpers” to help protect the frame from dents and dings. And with the inclusion of an Intellimount Stem that securely holds your smartphone in any SP-Connect compatible smartphone case, you can even rock a dashboard display for speed, mileage, and more during your ride. This year, for the best choice in hybrid bikes, choose the Cannondale Treadwell 2 LTD Urban Bike ’21.


2. Priority Continuum Onyx


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While we’re not sure the three words “Priority Continuum Onyx” flow so well together as a name, it does little to take away from the style, simplicity, and safety that unite to create unmatched value inside this phenomenal hybrid bike. 

As our Premium Pick, you might expect a hefty price tag, but with the Priority Continuum Onyx, you get the best of the best for not too much more than all the others. Doing away with the classic chain, Priority Bicycles upgrades to a Gates carbon drive belt, making sure you never again stain your pants with grease, while also eliminating the need to stop and fix an aging or worn down bike chain.

Plus, those puncture-resistant WTB tires aren’t too shabby either with their reflective sidewalls. Coupled with the front and rear dynamo-powered lights that illuminate your path without the need for batteries and 360-degree reflective logos and tire beading, the Priority Continuum Onyx might just be the best bike for night riding, especially since it comes in black. 


3. Del Sol LXI Flow 2 Comfort Bike


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For a moment there, we thought pioneer American hip hop trio De La Soul was peddling hybrid bikes as a side hustle. While that would have been a fantastic combination, the Del Sol LXI Flow 2 Comfort Bike is still our Best Value option for hybrid bikes in 2021.

Extremely affordable, the Del Sol LXI Flow 2 Comfort Bike sports a Heat-treated 6061 aluminum, Tig-welded construction that promotes its easygoing geometry that provides excellent visibility, comfort; plus easy on/off the bike transitions. At roughly half the price of our number one pick, you still get access to a wide-range, 1×8 drivetrain with a twist shifter that makes changing gears more manageable than ever.

For the best value in hybrid bikes, jump on the Del Sol LXI Flow 2 Comfort Bike.


4. Co-op Cycles CTY 1.2 Bike


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Rocking pretty much everything Shimano, the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.2 hybrid bike offers up a versatile 3×9 drivetrain, flat handlebars for a more comfortable upright riding position, plus plenty of room to add some rack/fenders, making the Co-op Cycles CTY 1.2 Bike one sweet ride. Coupled with a Pirate Black color scheme and internal rear brake cable routing, it’s one of the cleanest looking hybrid bikes on our list.


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5. Haro Beasley 27.5 Urban Bike


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Sporting a murdered-out aesthetic that’s stealthier than a ninja in the night, the Haro Beasley 27.5 Urban Bike is one of the most incredible looking bikes we have on our list of the best hybrid bikes of 2021.

Perfect for commuting, or just a quick ride to the store, the Haro Beasley 27.5 Urban Bike offers both style and sophistication through its 1x drivetrain that makes shifting easy as pie and Kenda Kwick 2.0 tires that can soak up all the bumps on the road. For an amazingly comfortable ride every time, we definitely recommend the Haro Beasley 27.5 Urban Bike.


6. Raleigh Redux 1


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You don’t need to live in North Carolina to ride the Raleigh Redux 1. Designed for inner-city riding, the Raleigh Redux 1 is a hybrid bike made to tackle the pavement, the dirt, and even the mud.

Extremely capable and adaptable, this hybrid bike is equipped with all-terrain tires, an aluminum frame, a Shimano drivetrain, and Tektro MD-M280 mechanical disc brakes, making the Raleigh Redux 1 highly versatile. Oh, and thanks to its lightweight construction, you won’t have to break your back when it comes time to carry your Redux 1 upstairs.


7. Dual Sport 4


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The Dual Sport 4 is the highest-performance hybrid bike in the Trek Lineup. Rocking a lightweight frame, 1×11 drivetrain, and higher quality fork with a remote suspension lockout, the Dual Sport 4 is the ultimate hybrid bike for on- and off-road adventures.

Capable of tackling a wide variety of terrain thanks to its shock-absorbing fork, you can take this bad boy anywhere and everywhere. 


8. Cube Hyde Urban Bike


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Introducing our only non-black hybrid bike, the Cube Hyde Urban Bike. Sporting a green and grey color scheme, the Cube Hyde Urban Bike features a sleek, dependable, and robust design.

Perfect for point A to point B journeys, the Cube Hyde features a double-butted aluminum frameset explicitly made for the urban jungle. Coupled with aluminum rigid forks for smoother steering and a Shimano 3×9 speed drivetrain for faster and more efficient gear switching, there’s a lot to love about the Cube Hyde Urban Bike, despite it being last on our list.


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