Easy Track Ra1202 Sliding Belt Rack, White

Easy Track Ra1202 Sliding Belt Rack, White

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Easy Track Belt Rack, Sliding, White, Includes: Hardware And Instructions
Color: White
Product Dimension: 16.0"L X 6.5"W X 6.0"H
Country Of Origin: United States

Holds up to 21 belts, slides out for easy access. Can be installed on the inside or outside of a vertical panel. Instructions and hardware are included. Chrome hooks.It's simple. Thanks to Easy Track's one-of-a-kind rail system, installing your custom closet is a cinch. Just hang the rail and off you go. Plus, our easy-to-use starter kits and accessories allow you to mix and match components as much as you need. And, of course, our online 3D Design Tool allows you to map out the perfect space. Slides out and back for easy access and storage with six hooks to hold your belts.

Easy Track Amazon ASIN B000GWXYSM

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